BBG Media Highlights - September 16, 2013
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-- Explaining America to Uzbekistan. The Virginia Gazette on Voice of America's show "Exploring America."

-- A China Daily profile of a student notes that he listened to Voice of America ever day.

Citations of BBG Networks

-- The Advocate, Raw Story and several other publications use Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's reporting on horrific anti-gay attack on Uzbek in Russia.

-- Man was killed in clashes between police and protesters in Phnom Penh on September 15. The Belfast Telegram uses Radio Free Asia video.

-- Business Insider shares the clip of the VOA interview with Omar Homanni. The Washington Post also references the interview.

-- Brookings cites RFE/RL's reporting on communication between Obama and Rohani.

-- Who is Miss Uzbekistan? Where did she come from? Huffington Post cites RFE/RL reporting on the mystery.

-- "Mainstream media in South Korea has repeatedly been wrong about these sensationalistic stories originating from the North." International Business Times quotes Voice of America's Steve Herman.

-- Uyghur fruit vendor shot by policeman in China. Epoch Times cites Radio Free Asia's report.

In the foreign-language press:

-- Al Ahram (Egyptian daily newspaper) and other publications cited Radio sawa for its interview with Sen. John McCain regarding the U.S. aid to Egypt. Sen. McCain stated that Egypt is far from democracy, adding that the American administration is seriously considering to suspend foreign aid to Egypt due to the latest developments.

-- Sada Al Balad (Egyptian news site) cited statements aired on Radio Sawa from the British Prime Minister David Cameron regarding Scotland's independence referendum. Cameron said in a year's time, people living in Scotland would be making a choice which "could radically change their country forever."

-- Yonhap News (South Korean news agency) cites a report from Radio Free Asia's Korean Service that North Korea is concentrating on importing whisky, wine, and other alcoholic beverages from Bulgaria this year.

Of Interest

-- "Strategic cooperative partnership" between Chinese and Indian media.

-- "At PBS Digital, we went beyond corporate lip service and demanded failure from each and every employee."

-- Government austerity and its consequences for European newspapers.

-- Is native advertising destroying journalism?

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