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BBG Media Highlights - September 10, 2013
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# The investigation into the "umbrella killing" of Georgy Markov -- dissident and former Radio Free Europe journalist -- is set to close. (Also picked up by The Telegraph.)

# Jeff Shell, the Chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, was named head of Universal film group.

# A USA Today article about internships in the United States mentions a VOA intern.

Citations of BBG Networks

# "Birth tourism" to the Northern Mariana Islands. USA Today cites Radio Free Asia's reporting on how much it costs for a Chinese mother.

# Yonhap News Agency cites a VOA report on a documentary regarding North Korea's "juche" ideology.

# Christian Science Monitor quotes Voice of America's interview with senior U.S. diplomat for Afghanistan and Pakistan, James Dobbins

# South China Morning Post includes Radio Free Asia's story on China's youngest dissident in their morning roundup.

# Human IPO cites VOA reporting on press freedom in Cameroon.

# The Conversation features a VOA photo in an article on health-care workers in Africa.

In the foreign-language press:

# Chosun Ilbo (South Korean newspaper) and Caijing (Mainland newspaper) cited Radio Free Asia reporting on the possible cancellation of North Korea's Arirant performance.

Of Interest

# "Reasonable people can - and do - debate whether the replacement of legacy media by new forms of information gathering and distribution - including citizen journalism and smartphone photojournalism, crowdsourcing, universal access to data and, of course, a world awash in Twitter feeds - makes democracy more or less vulnerable."

# Who are the Syrian rebels?

# South African pro-government TV station is "awkward"
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