BBG Media Highlights - August 30, 2013
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Russia's Gas Warfare History - The Moscow Times, September 3, 2013

In that case, the "fog of war" was real - and deadly. James Brooke, based in Moscow, is the Russia/CIS bureau chief for Voice of America.


Ukraine vows 'impartial' probe of police attack on journalist - UPI, September 3, 2013
Prior to joining TVi, Minyailo was a longtime employee of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. That news organization reported Sunday that activists of the Ukrainian non-governmental organization Traffic Control are trying to restore the cellphone video of the incident.
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U.S. Base Attacked: Taliban's Assault 'Unsuccessful' -  HNGN, September 2, 2013
Taliban insurgents attacked a U.S. base in Afghanistan on Monday, an assault which U.S. authorities called "unsuccessful," according to Voice of America.

Olympics-Pyeongchang rejects N.Korea proposal to co-host 2018 Games - Reuters, September 4, 2013
On Tuesday, North Korea's Chang told U.S. funded broadcaster Voice of America that the Masik resort could possibly hold 2018 events if an agreement could be reached.
Also cited in Courier Mail

China news round-up: Bo Xilai prosecutor retires, China invests in Zimbabwe power -  South China Morning Post, September 4, 2013
In Politics Radio Free Asia: Anti-rumour campaign similar to Bo Xilai's red campaigns in Chongqing, says retired official Bao Tong. (links to Mandarin RFA article)

Floods Rage Unabated on Russia-China Border, Armenia Joins Eurasian Bloc - Transitions Online, September 4, 2013
"It is a rational decision stemming from the national interests of Armenia," Sargsyan said, Radio Free Europe reports. Russia is Armenia's largest trading partner and major foreign investor.

Putin supports UN-approved military action against Syria - AllVoices, September 4, 2013

The UN is analyzing biological samples recovered from the site of the ... another 30 days under certain conditions, Voice of America reported.


Burma to Cooperate With Malaysia on Forced Repatriation of Migrants - Irrawaddy News Magazine, September 4, 2013  

On Monday, about 2,500 migrants were detained by Malaysian authorities, 555 of who are Burmese nationals, Voice of America reported. Operations to apprehend unregistered foreigners are continuing.  

Of Interest
What's Next for Syria's Internet - Renesys, August 30, 2013
With the recent high-profile cyber attack against the New York Times , purportedly by the Syrian Electronic Army, and the subsequent hacking of Syrian DNS servers, we have had a number of requests for an update on Syrian Internet connectivity. While there haven't been any major outages in recent weeks, there have been a couple of developments to Syria's international connectivity. As tensions rise, it seems probable that the set of international service providers willing to sell Internet transit to the Syrian government will continue to shrink. (Renesys, 8/30)

China Detains Prominent Online Critic on Prostitution Solicitation Charges - Global Voices, August 27
Well-known Chinese-American angel investor and prominent online celebrity Charles Xue has been detained by Beijing police for suspected solicitation of prostitution. Speculation is rampant in China's social Web, however, that the prostitution bust was just a scheme set up by the authorities to control influential liberals online as part of recent crackdown on "online rumors." The outspoken Xue, better known by his nickname Xue Manzi, is one of the most prominent figures in the Chinese Internet industry and is also a famous political critic on Chinese social media with over 12 million followers on popular microblogging site Sina Weibo.

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