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Xinjiang suffers information blockade four years after demonstrations - Reporters Without Borders, July 4, 2013

Only tiny number of news blogs exists, because ensuring online anonymity is impossible, given the numerous laws requiring identification of each internet user - laws that carry heavy penalties. The anonymous dissemination of articles written by Uighurs for a Uighur audience is a practical impossibility. As in the rest of mainland China, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are prohibited. Broadcasts of some radio stations, such as Radio Free Asia, manage to reach Xinjiang. But listening to them is a very risky activity.


The Road to a Lasting Democracy - The Cambodia Herald, July 7, 2013

For this reason, the United States welcomed the Royal Government's decision to rescind its ban on Khmer-language programming from outside the country during the election campaign period.  This decision means that Cambodians will continue to have access to high-quality, independent news from sources such as Radio Free Asia and Voice of America.  I sincerely hope that the Royal Government will also seriously consider requests by civil society and news broadcasters to rescind the media bans currently planned on election day and the five preceding days. 


TTP'S Foreign Connections - KashmirWatch, July 7, 2013
In the past too, Pakistan has witnessed a perennial wave of subversive acts. In this regard, while talking to the BBC and Voice of America (VOA) through mobile phone, the late Baitullah Mehsud, former Chief of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Waziristan had claimed responsibility for the high-profile terror-attacks in Pakistan 


Citations of BBG Broadcasters

Israelis strip-search Arab journalist at US party - Associated Press, July 8, 2013
The U.S.-funded Alhurra network said Thursday that one of its cameramen was interrogated and strip-searched by Israeli security men while covering a July 4 party at the U.S. ambassador's residence near Tel Aviv.


San Francisco pilot was still in training at time of fatal crash - Washington Times, July 8, 2013
The pilot in the crash at San Francisco International Airport that killed two and injured more than 100 was still in training and had never before landed that type of craft at that port, airline spokespeople said Monday. Asiana Airlines, based in South Korea, said the pilot had more than 9,000 hours of overall flight time, but only 43 hours of experience with the Boeing 777, Voice of America reported.


Russia's Gay Community Gets First-Ever Float In NYC's Pride Parade - Huffington Post, July 5, 2013
Russia's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community continues to face increasing levels of persecution in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But it was a much different story in New York on June 30, where a float representing LGBT people from Russia and other former Soviet republics made its much-anticipated debut in the annual Pride parade. "It turned out wonderful ... I'm living my dream," Pasha Zalutski, the parade float's organizer and a Belarusian native, told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). "I hope KGB's not here to slash our tires at the last moment."


Crackdown, Misunderstanding of Uyghur Faith - Huffington Post, July 3, 2013

Although overseas observers may have difficulty accurately interpreting Uyghurs' Islamic beliefs, there is no confusion over whether they experience religious control from China's government. On the same day that Ross's show closes at the Rubin, the Holy Month of Ramadan commences, another cornerstone of Uyghur faith. It is the most restrictive period of the year for Uyghur religious practice, and reveals China's brutal repression of the Uyghur faith. Already Radio Free Asia reports that Chinese authorities are commencing "political study classes" and preparing for the annual crackdown.


Kremlin Has No Idea If Former Spy Anna Chapman's Marriage Proposal To Edward Snowden Is Serious - Business Insider, July 5, 2013
According to RFE/RL, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov was forced to admit to reporters that he had no idea if the offer was serious or not. When asked via email if she was serious in her proposal by the Wall Street Journal, Chapman replied simply "you are welcome to use your imagination." In Russia the marriage proposal has added further fuel to the media circus surrounding Snowden's arrival. 


Unilateral cancelation of visa-free travel with Iran is temporary: Georgia - Tehran Times, July 5, 2013
"We continue our good neighborly relations with Iran. At the same time we follow UN (sanctions) in order not to allow any black money or embargoed products to be delivered into Georgia," said the prime minister. According to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, in recent months, two delegations from the U.S. Treasury have visited Georgia to warn it that Iran may be using its growing business links with Georgia to skip international sanctions.  


Kosovo government adopts new draft law on amnesty - inSerbia, July 5, 2013
Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Hajredin Kuci said at the government session that the draft law on amnesty was not adopted at the Thursday session of the Kosovo parliament as it did not win the two-third majority, and that the provisions of Article 3 have been fully removed and a new article was added which says that amnesty will not cover crimes resulting in bodily injuries and murders, the Kosovo government released. Article 5 which covers amnesty of crimes committed by in northern Kosovo remained a part of the document, Radio Free Europe said. 


Religious Dispute In Myanmar: The Time Cover Story - Eurasia Review, July 5, 2013
Burmese language radios namely BBC, VOA, Radio Free Asia (RFA) and Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) have presented panel discussions and interviews. Burmese print media has also covered this issue extensively. It is Facebook which carries both religious thoughtful comments and disrespectful annotations every minute till this time of writing. It was an avoidable mess and the over enthusiasm shown by some in the west is bewildering. 


More men die for Morsi: 3 killed at pro-Morsi demo in Cairo - Albawaba, July 5, 2013
Pro-Morsi marches also took place in Alexandria, Beheira and Minyain, among other cities. Meanwhile, the African Union suspended Egypt's membership Friday and said it would work to help the country return to "constitutional order." The organization posted on its Twitter page it was reacting to "the overthrow of the democratically elected Egyptian president," Voice of America reported. 


Violent clashes spread in Egypt as US backs army coup - Global Research, July 6, 2013
The Egyptian military regime is aggressively signaling to international finance capital that it will carry out the policies demanded of it. Farouq El-Oqda, a former head of Egypt's central bank, is now being offered the prime ministership. Adel El-Labban, a former Morgan Stanley banker who is now a leading executive at Bahrain-based Ahli United Bank, is reportedly another candidate for the post. Voice of America noted that businessmen are enthusiastic about the army regime, as "a more technocratic administration" anxious to lure "back some of the investors and money which have fled the country."


1 Dead, 80 Missing in Canada Oil Train Wreck - Arutz Sheva, July 7, 2013
The conductor parked the train shortly before midnight Friday, according to a report published by Voice of America, and quoted the company as saying it believes the conductor set the brakes properly. But "sometime after, the train got loose" and headed into town "under its own inertia."


African Union Suspends Egypt - Hispanic Business, July 5, 2013
The African Union suspended Egypt's membership Friday and said it would work to help the country return to "constitutional order." The AU action was in response to the military outster of Mohamed Morsi as Egypt's president. The organization posted on its Twitter page it was reacting to "the overthrow of the democratically elected Egyptian president," Voice of America reported.


Healthy baby panda born at Taipei zoo in Taiwan - The Celebrity Cafe, July 7, 2013
According to Voice of America, Yuan Yuan and her mate Tuan Tuan were given to Taiwan from China four years ago as a sign of good relations. For this reason, the Taipei zoo gets to keep the cub. A name for the newborn female has not been decided yet.


Two soldiers dead in bomb attack on car in Yemen capital - UPI, July 6, 2013
Two soldiers were killed and at least two more were wounded Saturday in a bomb attack in the Yemeni capital Sana'a, a Yemeni security official said. The bombing targeted a car, the Voice of America reported.


Tinyefuza claims Col Bantariza was arrested because of him - The Observer, July 7, 2013
Prosecution alleged that on February 3, 2011 at Akamba Uganda Ltd, along Old Port Bell road in Kampala, Bantariza received a tractor and its accessories, donated to NALI by the ministry of Finance, but forged receipts to suggest NALI had bought it at Shs 67m. He is being detained at the army officers' mess in Kololo. Sejusa's latest email on Bantariza comes soon after an interview with American TV, Voice of America, in which the general spoke of a plot to eliminate him if he returns to Uganda.


In the foreign language press


Alhurra and Radio Sawa debut an online journal called Syria Stories - Aks Alser (Syrian news and information site), July 1, 2013
According to Aks Alser,  The Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN) takes an intimate look at the humanitarian crisis facing Syria through Syria Stories. This online journal follows six Syrians as they blog about the challenges and triumphs of living in and watching their homeland be torn apart by a civil war. The six individuals come from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds to give readers different perspectives of the Syrian conflict. Some still live in Syria; while others live in refugee camps or neighboring countries.
Also mentioned in the following Egyptian news and information sites:
Hoorya, Elbashayer, Khabari, Alhewar, Alrai (Kuwaiti daily newspaper), Gulf Media, News Syria, All For Syria, Almatraqa, Akhbarak, 25 January, I-News Arabia and Almodon.


Of Interest

MIT tool connects the dots of your life through Gmail metadata - The Verge, July 7, 2013
How much does the metadata gathered in your inbox reveal about you? Quite a lot, judging by what researchers at the MIT Media Lab have managed to accomplish with Immersion. They've built a web app that - once you grant it permission to do so - digs through your email history to piece together a "people-centric view of your email life."


Telegram from Reporter to the New York Times Regarding the Battle of Gettysburg, 07/03/1863 - Today's Document, July 3, 2013
Your Correspondent has just arrived from the battlefield at Gettysburg having left there at 3 oclock this morning.  The reports of the occurences in that vicinity as thus far reported in the Phila & Balto papers are almost totally incorrect.  A brief and candid statement of the situation up to this morning is this.  In Wednesdays fight we were repulsed simply because we were overpowered + outflanked. 

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