BBG Media Highlights - July 3, 2013
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RWB and CCIM offer recommendations ahead of parliamentary elections - Reporters Without Borders, July 3, 2013
On the pretext of safeguarding neutrality, the information ministry issued a directive on 25 June banning local radio stations from retransmitting the Khmer-language programmes of foreign radio stations during the campaign. The directive was rescinded five days later, following protests by the foreign broadcasters affected, such as the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the agency that oversees Radio Free Asia, and the US State Department, which described the move as a "serious violation of media freedom."

Opposition makes voice heard despite obstacles - Deutsche Welle, July 2, 2013
For many Cambodians, the stations - which include broadcasters like Voice of America (VOA), Radio Free Asia (RFA), Radio Australia, and Radio France Internationale (RFI) - are the only opportunity to gather non-party aligned news. Reporters regularly cover stories of land grabs, cronyism, and corruption - in other words, precisely the type of uncomfortable truths the government is keen to skirt ahead of the vote.

Taiwan urged to keep radio broadcasts into China - Bangkok Post, July 2, 2013
RTI insisted that despite the demolition of the ageing facilities, its shortwave broadcasts on behalf of clients which also include Radio Free Asia of the United States would continue.

Orbital Blockade Imposed On Iran - Strategy Page, July 3, 2013
Meanwhile, the jamming of civilian users grows, usually as part of a state censorship program. For example, late last year Syria and Iran were accused of jamming news service sent to Iran and Syria by BBC, France 24, Deutsche Welle, and the Voice of America, via radio and satellite.

CUSIB Expresses Disappointment in Hearing - Radio World, July 2, 2013
Reacting to last week's testimony on Capitol Hill about possible reform at the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the advocacy group Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting says it was disappointed. "Rather than galvanizing the House of Representatives, there was no consensus among the three witnesses who testified" about reform, it wrote, adding that it hopes another hearing might be held.
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Video: Egyptian army helicopter drops flags over anti-government protests - Washington Post, July 1, 2013
In one of the more surprising and symbolically powerful moments during Egypt's mass protests on Sunday against President Mohamed Morsi, military helicopters circling overhead dropped Egyptian national flags on the crowds gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square. [Alhurra's Al Youm video footage was featured on the site.]

Signs of the Dalai Lama: Is China's Tibet Policy Changing? - Time, July 2, 2013
Can he be seen or not? Last week, different organizations that follow Tibet, including Radio Free Asia, reported that in certain Tibetan regions, local authorities appeared to be allowing images of the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, to be openly venerated for religious purposes. The seeming policy shift in parts of Sichuan and Qinghai provinces with large Tibetan populations was seen as possible evidence of a gentler approach to the troubled region by the new Chinese Communist Party (CCP) chief Xi Jinping.

Kim Jong-il's widow 'purged from party posts by North Korea's Kim Jong-un' - The Telegraph, July 3, 2013
Kim Ok, the late dictator's fourth wife, and her father, Kim Hyo, have "recently been dismissed from all their posts," Radio Free Asia reported.

Michelle Obama, Laura Bush unite to talk about African women - and hair - Christian Science Monitor, July 2, 2013
The first ladies of Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa, and Tanzania were all on hand, according to Voice of America, with more expected later in the conference. Mrs. Obama retweeted this picture of herself with a smiling Mrs. Bush and moderator Cokie Roberts.

North Korean defectors claim they were forced to manufacture goods for China - South China Morning Post, July 3, 2013
North Korea has been recently further cracking down on illegal crossings by more frequently rotating troops guarding the porous border, Radio Free Asia reported on Monday.

Uganda: Sejusa - Coup Plot Is Real - All Africa, July 2, 2013
In an interview with Peter Clottey of Voice of America television, Sejusa, better known as Tinyefuza, also went to great length to explain why he wrote the highly-critical letter that set him on a collision course with the NRM government.

Nigeria: Beyond Wamakko's Recall - All Africa, July 2, 2013
Speaking in an interview with the Voice of America (VOA) Hausa Service monitored in Sokoto, Wamakko maintained that the lifting of his suspension by the NWC was an indication that truth had prevailed in the end.

In the foreign-language press:

Alhurra's On-Air Promotions Win 4 Promax Awards - Al Youm Al Sabe'a (Egyptian news and information site), July 2, 2013
According to Al Youm Al Sabe'a, Alhurra Television was the recipient of Gold, Silver and Bronze awards at the 2013 PromaxBDA Arabia awards. Alhurra-Iraq's Final Edition promo won the Gold Award for the Best News or Factual Programming Promo. The Final Edition promo also was awarded the Bronze Award for Best Use of English Typography. In the category of "Something for Nothing," Alhurra won two awards. The Alhurra promotion of Radio Sawa took home the Silver award; while Alhurra's Ramadan greetings promo won Bronze.
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Of Interest
Critical website blocked for four days in Zambia - CPJ, June 27, 2013
A private website that documents alleged Zambian government corruption has been blocked in the country since Monday, its editor told CPJ. The Zambian Watchdog's Lloyd Himaambo has said that the website's staff believes the authorities are responsible for ordering the blocking.

Mixed bag for freedom of expression in Ecuador's new Communications Law - Access, June 27, 2013
On June 14, 2013, after almost four years of discussion, Ecuador's National Assembly passed a new Communications Law, providing a legal framework for the fundamental right to communications considered in several articles of the Constitution of 2008. While this new legislation represents a great advance for internet access, along with a more equitable distribution of public spectrum that can bring more diversity and pluralism to public media, it also contains some provisions that represent a threat to freedom of expression. 
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