BBG Media Highlights - June 27, 2013
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Mauritania Grants BBG Two FM Frequencies - Radio World, June 26, 2013
The Broadcasting Board of Governors and Télédiffusion de Mauritanie announced this week that they will collaborate in efforts to improve Mauritania's media infrastructure, through FM broadcasting, journalism training and technical assistance.

Hearing: Broadcasting Board of Governors: An Agency "Defunct" - House Committee on Foreign Affairs, June 26, 2013
Today we meet to discuss how best to reform the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the agency which oversees U.S. international broadcasters such as the Voice of America and Radio Free Asia. Our international broadcasting has a very rich history. East Europeans have told us how critical Radio Free Europe broadcasts were to chipping away at the Iron Curtain, ending the Cold War. That's an achievement. While the Voice of America aims to provide listeners with objective news and information about United States foreign policy, the so-­-called "surrogate" broadcasters such as Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty beam news into closed societies, offering information those citizens are otherwise denied.

Also covered by C-SPAN, Radio World

Harmful Satellite Interference Incidents Remain on Radar - Satellite Today, June 26, 2013
But officials from GVF, Intelsat and Eutelsat said the number of intentional interference incidents over the past few years is significant and has far reaching effects, felt well beyond the military and intelligence community and reaching into the broadcast journalism sector. According to Hartshorn, broadcasters such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and The Voice of America have been noticing a jamming signal capable of blocking or eliminating their broadcast transmissions in certain markets.

Growing pains: Myanmar's ethnic media - Myanmar Times, June 26, 2013
"True ethnic voices can be heard from ethnic media outlets while Bamar-dominated media outlets, including [British Broadcasting Corporation], [Voice of America] and [Radio Free Asia], mainly present news and perspectives from majority Bamar points of views," said Brang Hkangda, the editor of the English section of Kachinland News. 
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China urged to end forced resettlements in Tibet - Reuters, June 27, 2013
Since 2009, at least 117 Tibetans have committed acts of self-immolation in China in protest against Beijing's policies. More than 90 have died. But in a possible sign of a loosening of some restrictions, authorities in Tibetan-populated areas of Qinghai and Sichuan provinces are allowing monks to respect the Dalai Lama as a religious leader, though not as a political figure, Radio Free Asia said. While the move appears limited to Sichuan and Qinghai, it contradicts the long-time policy of prohibiting veneration of the Dalai Lama, Radio Free Asia said, citing sources who in turn cited official documents introducing the experimental policy.
Also cited by Bloomberg Businessweek

China state media report 'US cancelling blacks' voting rights' in another blunder - South China Morning Post, June 27, 2013
The original report is no longer viewable on the CRI website. Before it was removed, it was picked up by several other news agencies until the Chinese edition of Voice of America addressed the mistake on Thursday. It published an editorial that called CRI's website an "international joke" and criticised the article as a "misinterpretation and distortion of American politics".

Why Syria Finds It So Hard to Thank Hezbollah for Saving Its Bacon - Foreign Policy, June 26, 2013
Jaafari then went on to denounce the U.N. secretariat for failing to echo Syria's concerns that Lebanon, as well as Jordan and Turkey, is permitting the "flux of foreign fighters, terrorists" into Syria. When a third reporter, Voice of America's Margaret Besheer, asked Jaafari whether Hezbollah should be on that list of foreign terrorists crossing the border, the Syrian envoy made it clear he had had enough. "I think you are a new journalist or an old journalist?" He asked rhetorically. "If you are a professional journalist, you wouldn't ask that question."

Life in Putinland - Council on Foreign Relations, June 26, 2013
But in the real Russia, Putin is the enemy of human rights and the rule of law. Last week the following assault on one key activist, Lev Ponomaryov, occurred in Moscow, and we have the report from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Prominent Russian rights activist Lev Ponomaryov says he is recovering following a violent eviction from his Moscow office last week amid a nationwide crackdown on nongovernmental organizations critical of the government. Ponomaryov, 72, told RFE/RL that he sustained multiple bruises and scratches after being dragged across the floor and kicked by a group of unidentified men.

Lakota sale to Thailand gets green light - UPI, June 27, 2013
Notification of the proposed sale comes after the United States and Thailand renewed their 50-year military ties during a November visit to Bangkok by then-U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. At the time, Voice of America reported Thai Defense Minister Sukampol Suwannathat as saying the agreement didn't create new initiatives or privileges between the two countries.

Chinese Journalist Dies in Suspicious Fall - Epoch Times, June 26, 2013
Just hours after filing a news article exposing a toxic waste spill, a Chinese reporter died from a suspicious fall from a hotel building, prompting netizens to call for an investigation, according to Radio Free Asia (RFA).

In the foreign-language press:

U.S. military court overturns Marine's conviction in Iraqi's death- Veto Gate (Egyptian news and information site) June 27, 2013

The highest U.S. military appeals court overturned the murder conviction of a Marine sergeant found guilty in 2007 of leading a squad in Iraq that was accused of killing a civilian they had captured.  In its ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces said that in May 2006, a Navy investigator began to question Hutchins but he invoked his right to an attorney and was put under guard in a trailer, Radio Sawa reported.


Ecuador says no transit document issued for Snowden - Shaab Masr (Egyptian daily newspaper) June 27, 2013

According to Radio Sawa, no Ecuadorean consulate has ever issued any travel document for fugitive former CIA employee Edward Snowden, wanted by the United States for leaking state secrets, a Foreign Ministry official said. 

New activity at the North Korean nuclear test site - Korean National Security Net (South Korea Internet news specialized in national security), June 26, 2013
North Korea's Punggye-ri nuclear test site has revealed new tunneling work, according to RFA's Korean Service report, using a satellite picture of 38 NORTH, a U.S.'s website focusing on North Korea. Joel Wit, a former State Department official known for his expertise on North Korea, said that "there are 3 possibilities. A construction of new portal area, a facility renovation of old portal area, and removing work of the ruins that came out after the 3rd nuclear test. 

Most of North Koreans have been living in tents since last year's typhoon - Nocut news (South Korean news), June 26, 2013
ShelterBox, an international disaster relief charity told RFA's Korean Service that after 10 days research in North Korea's several provinces which received aid, it found out that most of North Koreans who lost their homes due to last year typhoon cannot go back to their normal life until now, living in temporary houses. ShelterBox will decide the scale of additional aid based on a report written by its researchers.

Luis Enrique Santos Grave After a Month Long Hunger Strike [video] - Diario de Cuba, June 26,2013
Activist Luis Enrique Santos how began a hunger strike on May 24th 2013 remains hospitalized in Santa Clara, Cuba. According to the president of the Central Opposition Coalition doctors say he needs to be in intensive care but are reluctant to move him because of governmental pressure as reported on TV Marti.
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Jordan Accused Of Targeting Online Dissent - NPR, June 26, 2013
Jordan's King Abdullah vowed to make the desert kingdom a "free Internet" country as he began his rule more than a decade ago. On June 2, when local Internet providers were ordered to block hundreds of news websites across the kingdom, Web publishers protested the broken promise and international media watchdog organizations charged censorship. The protests are getting louder in Amman, as websites go dark across the kingdom, more than 300 in all.

Blockage of Major News Websites Raises Censorship Fears - Moscow Times, June 26, 2013
A ruling by a court in the central Russian town of Ulyanovsk ordering a state-run Internet provider to block access to 15 websites, including those of two prominent national newspapers, has sparked fears of a broader campaign of Internet censorship in the country.

Singing a different tune - BBC, June 27, 2013
In the same way karaoke guides you to sing a song's lyrics, I lead my trainees through the rudiments of good journalism - truth, accuracy, impartiality and the importance of reflecting a diversity of opinions, for example. I also teach them techniques for avoiding censorship and the importance of keeping editorial values in mind and referring up to editors to seek advice. This kind of training has enabled the journalists I've taught in Nigeria to successfully "sing the lyrics" of their stories.

Ted Cruz: I'll Block All State Nominees Until They Appoint Inspector General - The Daily Beast, June 26, 2013
"Therefore, I intend to object to any nomination for the State Department, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), or the Broadcasting Board of Governors until President Obama nominates a credible and independent Inspector General for the State Department."
Also mentioned by Foreign Policy
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