BBG Media Highlights - June 26, 2013
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Radio Jittery - Open Democracy, June 26, 2013
I happened recently to be queuing in front of a museum. It was raining, and a man just in front of me looked as though he needed an umbrella. I helped him with the one I had. We had a conversation; he was from Russia, but lived abroad. We moved together in the queue and in the end I told him that two of my children married Russians, that I have Russian grandchildren. He looked kind of surprised, so I added too that I am currently president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL)...

Election time in Cambodia - New Mandala, June 12, 2013
Tech savvy activist monk Loun Savath has also been receiving increasing attention after draconian pseudo-Buddhist limits were placed on his movements. All three feature predominantly in the widely listed to radio broadcasts of RFA and VOA, as well as being important figures discussed on social media. Importantly, these figures are gaining popularity which goes beyond the fetishes of liberal and conservation minded expats and the romanticism of Cambodian exiles and hardliner opposition members. 
Citations of BBG Broadcasters
 Sheepnapped? More Friction on the Tajik-Uzbek Border - EurasiaNet, June 25, 2013
Five shepherds and at least a thousand head of sheep seem to have become the latest victims in the ongoing border dispute between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Uzbek border guards seized the wandering ruminants earlier this month, Fergananews reported on June 24, citing the Tajik service of Radio Liberty, which in turn cited Tajik border guards in the northern province of Sughd. A father of one of the disappeared shepherds said the number of abducted animals was 2,200 sheep plus 41 cows.

US Senate's Foreign Relations Committee recommends Pyatt for ambassador to Ukraine - Interfax, June 26, 2013
The United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has considered the candidacy of Geoffrey Pyatt for the post of U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, and the Senate is expected to approve him soon, Voice of America reported on Tuesday.

The Stream, June 25: To Understand Groundwater Recharge, Scientists Study Rocks - Circle of Blue, June 25, 2013
Transboundary rivers in China and Kazakhstan are under increasing pressure from development, but an international management agreement between the two countries is proceeding slowly, Radio Free Asia reported. Kazakhstan and Russia are concerned about the consequences of China's industrial development projects in Xinjiang.

Women use Facebook to speak out against Italy's fallen leader Berlusconi - Women News Network, June 25, 2013
Charges of corruption have hounded the former Italian leader for years. According to a recent news release by VOA - Voice of America, Berlusconi is also facing charges for bribing a rival politician who was running for office against him.

Prominent Alshabab Leader Surrenders Himself To Himan & Heb Authority - Mareeg, June 26, 2013
Speaking to Voice of America Spokesman of the regional authorities confirmed the report.
"Hassan Dahir Aweys is in our custody, he is in the hands of the special forces of our president". Said Mr. Mohamed Omar Hagafey.

In the foreign-language press:

Iraq Halts Syria Flights to Prevent the smuggling of fightersAl Sharq (Qatari daily newspaper) June 25, 2013

Iraq halted all its flights to Syria to prevent Iraqi fighters from getting involved in the Syrian crisis. Baghdad also tightened security measures to prevent the smuggling of weapons or fighters into Syria. Iraqi Transport Minister Hadi Al Amiri told Radio Sawa that Iraqi Airways has stopped flights between Baghdad and Syria. He added that the Iraqi authorities have in fact stopped a number of fighters going to Syria. 


Also cited in MuraselQatar News Agency and other publications.

Internet in Cuba - Spiegel Online (German-language), June 26, 2013
For the access and use of the cable, however, the Ministry of Communications on Revolution Square in Havana is in charge. It is impossible to access sites containing keywords that are taboo. For example, the famous blog of Yoani Sanchez is not accessible in Cuba. The same applies to the pages of Cuban exile organizations in Miami or websites of Radio and TV Martí, the U.S. government funded Cuban news channels.

Of Interest
BBC's North Korea broadcast plan hampered by budget cuts - Guardian, June 25, 2013
The BBC's aim to broadcast in North Korea for the first time has been curbed by government cuts to its budget, the corporation's director of global news has said. Peter Horrocks said airing programmes in the secretive state is still on his "wish list" but is unlikely to happen in the next year, following the £2.2m annual budget cut announced by William Hague earlier this month.

How Mi Voz mobilized 30,000 correspondents across Chile and created a sustainable business model - Online Journalism Review, June 24, 2013
A Chilean community news network is succeeding on two fronts where countless online media projects fail: mobilizing "citizen journalists" and actually making the venture profitable. Mi Voz is a network of 20 media outlets that boasts a combined force of 30,000 "citizen correspondents" from the Peruvian border in the north to Patagonia in the south. The volunteer contributors submit original stories, which are then vetted by professional editors. Of the 20 outlets, 16 are local dailies and four are topical magazines. Together they bring in a combined traffic of 2.5 million unique visitors per month. Not bad in a nation of 17 million.

Danger on Turkey's streets: Reporting on the civil unrest - CPJ, June 25, 2013
Turkey is making world news over violent clashes between police and tens of thousands of protesters. Journalists reporting the news have been targeted in the street by variety of actors, including law enforcement and protesters, and have been assailed in columns and commentary by fellow journalists. Turkey has long been a dangerous place for some journalists, especially reporters covering the Kurdish insurgency in any way that challenges the views of the state. But covering the news in Turkey is now more dangerous than it has been in two decades.
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