BBG Media Highlights - June 25, 2013
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BBG: Consider the Changing Landscape - Radio World, June 24, 2013
Around the globe today, only one out of six people lives in a country with free media. According to Freedom House, this is the worst media freedom rate in more than a decade. That's precisely why the work of U.S. international broadcasting journalists is more critical than ever. At the Broadcasting Board of Governors, our clear and simple mission is to inform, engage and connect people around the world in support of freedom and democracy. As the demand is greater, our financial resources are fewer. All across the federal government, agencies such as the BBG are asked to do more with less. As technology platforms advance and become more decentralized, our challenges grow exponentially.

The International Power and Potential of the Arts - Huffington Post, June 24, 2013
Dana Gioia lamented that the United States Information Agency (USIA), which housed the well-known Voice of America, was the U.S.'s only agency responsible for "international educational and cultural exchanges, broadcasting, and information programs." It had been eliminated that year. 
Citations of BBG Broadcasters
Politically Motivated Attacks on Athletes - National Geographic, June 24, 2013
Nine mountain climbers, including one U.S. citizen, and their local guide were killed in the pre-dawn hours of June 23 at the Nanga Parbat base camp in northern Pakistan. The camp sits in a remote area at the base of what is, at 26,300 feet (8,020 meters), the ninth tallest mountain in the world. The forbidding surrounding terrain-it's a two-day hike to reach the camp-has only highlighted the determination of the attackers to carry out their grim act, according to reports from the Voice of America.

N. Korea's rice production forecast to drop 5.6 pct this year - Yonhap News, June 25, 2013
FAO economist Kisan Gunjal has said on the Washington-based Radio Free Asia that the North still remains a country with a food shortage and it may need at least 500,000 tons of additional grain to feed its citizens.

Realpolitik: Taliban Style - The Diplomat, June 25, 2013
"In his speeches and statements, our leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has repeatedly said that we want a government that includes all Afghans," Naeem told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty last week. "It should be a government, in which all our people and their representatives can participate and be a part of. It should give Afghans the hope that it a government for all of them and this country belongs to all of them."

Bad weather hinders flood evacuation efforts in India - Middle East North Africa Financial Network, June 24, 2013
Monsoon rains hitting the Himalayan state since June 16 have caused widespread flooding, killing 560 people and leaving an unknown number of others missing, Voice of America reported Monday. [...] Voice of America said soldiers have focused their work on restoring bridges and roads so victims rescue efforts and resume on the ground.

US stance on Taiwan unchanged despite Xi-Obama summit: envoy - The China Post, June 25, 2013
King Pu-tsung said during a June 20 interview with Voice of America that Taiwan maintained good communication with the U.S. both before and after the two-day informal summit in California.

Polish foreign minister doubts Kyiv's readiness to sign Association Agreement with EU - Interfax Ukraine, June 25, 2013
"We are closely watching, especially the developments in two areas - the electoral system and the prosecution system.... As far as I know, Ukraine is not holding the reforms, therefore at present there can be only one conclusion: Ukraine is not ready to sign the Association Agreement," he said before a meeting of the EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg, Radio Liberty reported on Monday.

President's son lands strategic appointment - Africa Review, June 25, 2013
"With this appointment, the government is tainted," political analyst Celso Malavoloneke told the Voice of America radio last Friday. "Jose Eduardo is running his government like a personal, privately-owned investment holding company," he added.

Ruto excused from parts of ICC trial - Legalbrief, June 25, 2013
Voice of America reports that ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda recently threatened to report Nairobi to the UN Security Council if it refused to fully co-operate with the court in the cases against both President Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto. According to the report, she also said Kenya's Attorney-General, Githu Muigai, had blocked the ICC's investigative team from collecting evidence and talking to witnesses.

Assange said that he knew where the hidden Snowden - he in a "safe place" - All Voices, June 24, 2013
Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, where some time ago hiding Snowden, received information about how American still managed to cross half the world, without getting caught U.S. intelligence. Radio Free Asia, citing its own sources reported that Snowden has hinted about the desirability of his departure, the official Pyongyang. At the same time, according to a source, the Chinese authorities have decided to stand aside. The only thing they guarantee an American - that it will not stop at the airport.

In the foreign-language press:

NK-Russia rail link to be reopened in October - Nocut News (South Korean Internet News), June 23, 2013
A railway connecting North Korea's Rajin port and Russia's Hassan city will be reopened in October. A North Korean official said "repair work of Najin's dock and railway is almost done and it is finalized with Russian Railways," according to RFA's report on June 21.

What is hidden in statement of NK's Representative to UN? - Nocut News (South Korean Internet News), June 23,
A North Korean diplomat and North Korea's Representative to UN, Sin Son-ho held a press interview and made statements, saying that "North Korea never ends its nuclear weapons development, unless U.N. Command in South Korea is dismissed, U.N. sanctions on North Korea are retracted, and nuclear threatening of the U.S. is go away," according to RFA's report on June 21.
Of Interest
Greenwald's Meet The Press incident shows why "bloggers vs. journalists" still matters - paidContent, June 24, 2013
Anyone who has been following online media for more than a few years probably remembers the heated debates that swept through the blogosphere over whether bloggers should be considered journalists - a furor that died down somewhat once traditional journalists started blogging, and some blog networks became media entities in their own right. There is an important issue at the heart of this question, however, which Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian has helped to highlight as he pursues the NSA story: namely, that denying someone the status of "journalist" has potentially serious implications when espionage and other charges are being waved around.

African Entrepreneurs Deflate Google's Internet Balloon Idea - Technology Review, June 20, 2013
Google's latest pet project, called Loon, is meant to deliver the Internet to new parts of the world via solar-powered balloons soaring through the stratosphere. Yet some technologists in Africa say the project may be unrealistic as a competitive networking solution for their continent.

Internet Throttling Is Evidence of Iranian Censorship - Mashable, June 24, 2013
One of the growing concerns for human rights campaigners is the increasing evidence of Internet censorship in many repressive regimes around the world. During the Arab spring, for example, Egyptian leaders "switched off" the Internet in an attempt to prevent activists from organizing protests or communicating with the outside world. The Syrian leadership appears to have done a similar thing on several occasions during the current civil war. But in Iran, the government is pioneering a more insidious - though equally powerful - form of censorship. Instead of shutting down Internet access, the government appears to be dramatically slowing its performance during periods of unrest. 
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