BBG Media Highlights - June 12, 2013
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Jordan Blekking: Voice of America provides a pleasant slice of home - Battle Creek Enquirer, June 12, 2013
Most people know about the British Broadcasting Channel's reputation for keeping the world and its English speakers informed, and I'll be the first to give them credit. With their impressive accents, reports from every nook and cranny of the globe, and long history -- the BBC was started in 1922 -- it's well-deserving of all credits and accolades. But I'd like to talk about another station that my small shortwave radio is constantly tuned to -- the Voice of America. Did you know our federal government has an international radio station? I had no idea it existed until I came here, but it's been around for more than 60 years. 


Iranian reformists rally around single candidate in hopes of defeating hardliners in election - AP, June 11, 2013
Beyond shaping the candidates' list, Iranian authorities also have kept an extremely tight lid on any possible dissent. They keep close watch for impromptu political rallies and try to choke off the Internet and foreign-based satellite TV channels such as the BBC and Voice of America


2013 CAPBA Winners - Kiro TV, June 11, 2013
Outstanding Documentary/In Depth Reporting: Voice of America, A Dry Season, Kane Farabaugh, Steve Baragona, Michael Burke, Amy Katz, Adam Greenbaum.   


Voice Of America Releases Documentary On Tibet Self-Immolations - RTT News, June 11, 2013
Voice of America has released a new documentary film on self-immolations in Tibet. The 56-minute documentary entitled, "Fire in the Land of Snow a Documentary on Self-Immolations in Tibet" is released on the VOA website. 

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Could internal whistleblower platforms prevent public scandal? - FCW, June 11, 2013
"We, as information and privacy experts, have analyzed the requirements from the security point of view, therefore what we're aiming for is not just software, but a wider project also involving advocacy in personal security for dealing with sensitive documents," Claudio Agosti, president of the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights and a developer with its GlobaLeaks project, told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty last year.


Improving ties with neighbouring countries top priorities of PML-N govt: Sartaj - Business Recorder, June 12, 2013
Talking to Voice of America, [Sartaj Aziz] said that improving ties with the neighbouring countries and the United States, putting economy back on track of progress and attaining stability in investment would be the important points of their government policies.


Senator Risch Sends a Message Into Iran for Pastor Saeed - ACLJ, June 11, 2013
U.S. Senator James Risch (ID), Pastor Saeed Abedini's Senator, has a message for the people of Iran.  He recorded a message to be sent into Iran through Voice of America ahead next week's elections, sent directly to the people of Iran.


Reformist former general eyes Myanmar's presidency - Daily Times, June 12, 2013
"I will run for president because it is the key post to work for the betterment of the country and the people's interest," he told Radio Free Asia's Myanmar service during a visit to Washington on Monday, according to a report on their website. "If there were a position higher than or more important than the president, I would want that post," the ambitious lower house speaker said. 


Fifteen of Burma's Ethnic Groups to Form Unified Party - Irrawaddy, June 12, 2013
Fifteen ethnic groups in Burma will establish an alliance ahead of the country's 2015 general elections, Radio Free Asia reported on Tuesday. The new Federated Union Party (FUP) hopes to "get on the same political level as the [military-backed] Union Solidarity and Development Party [USDP] and [Aung San Suu Kyi's opposition] National League for Democracy [NLD]," RFA quoted the general secretary of the Rakhine Nationality Development Party (RNDP) as saying.


In the foreign-language press


WFP approves a plan of food aid for 2.4 million North Koreans - TBS, June 8, 2013
WFP (United Nations World Food Program) accepted a project plan that supports food to 2.4 million North Koreans for a year and will start next month. The project budget is $137 million US. Eight provinces of North Korea, including Pyonyang, will be offered food aid, according to RFA Korean. 


China building new Tumen River Bridge - Nocut News, June 8, 2013
Construction of new Tumen River Bridge by China that will be connecting Hunchun city, China with Najin city, North Hamgyeong province, North Korea is proceeding. According to RFA's Korean service report on June 7 quoting Yanbain Daily, a Chinese newspaper in Korean, a critical geological report was wrapped up and other reports such as flood protection report are expected to be completed by June 10. 


A Comparative Study of Aljazeera, Al Arabiya and Alhurra - Alquds Alarabi, June 10, 2013
Alquds Alarabi published the results of a study comparing between  Aljazeera, Al Arabiya and Alhurra's coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  Fayez Shahin, the researcher who conducted the study, stated that Al Arabiya and Alhurra air updates from their correspondents more than Aljazeera (Aljazeera 7, Al Arabiya 12 and Alhurra 17 updates). He adds that both Alhurra and Al Arabiya try to air objective news and information. On the other hand, Aljazeera interviews guests (rather than correspondents) which indicates that it focuses on opinion and analysis. That's how it becomes controversial according to the author who concludes that the Israeli point of view is much more represented on Alhurra and Al Arabiya. It's worth noting that the study was conducted on specific news programs that aired in May, June and July of 2005.


Products from halted Kaesong Industrial Complex are selling in North Korea -
Nocut News, June 11, 2013
It is claimed that complete products what South Korean companies left over at Kaesong Industrial Complex are released in marketplaces of North Korea. A source in Sinuiju, North Korea, told Radio Free Asia that "the products made in Kaesong Industrial Complex are smuggled into markets."


Former NBA players will visit North Korea in this summer - MBN, June 11, 2013
Former NBA players will visit Pyonyang to teach basketball skills to North Korean basketball players. James Donaldson, former NBA player, is recruiting volunteers. He will have an Internet discussion on June 18 to share his experience about his visiting to North Korea and inform people of this program, as RFA Korean Service reported on June 10. 


Thousands Fujian villagers clashed with police against building a high voltage tower - Sing Tao Daily, June 11, 2013
Radio Free Asia contacted the office of Wu Tong Town in Yong Tai County and the person who received the phone call confirmed the news that on June 8th, Villagers clashed with police Po Cheng Village. The individual then referred RFA's reporter to contact the news office of the county government to get further information on the incidence." 

Of Interest

Shock as Greece shuts down public broadcaster - AFP, June 12, 2013
Greece's government on Tuesday announced the immediate closure of public television and radio broadcaster ERT, in a shock move that affects nearly 2,700 jobs. Thousands rushed to the broadcaster's main headquarters in a northern Athens suburb shortly after the announcement to show their support. "ERT is a case of an exceptional lack of transparency and incredible extravagance. This ends now," government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said at a news conference. 

Related: Greek journalists defy government order to close state broadcaster - Guardian, June 12, 2013 


Getting past the roadblocks to government innovation - Washington Post, June 4, 2013
Innovation can take many forms in government, from implementing improved work processes and more effectively providing critical services to the public, to discovering medical breakthroughs that save lives, finding ways to achieve large cost savings or landing a robotic vehicle on Mars. In a recent analysis of the 2012 "Best Places to Work in the Federal Government" data by the Partnership for Public Service and Deloitte, employees throughout the federal government said they wanted to be innovative, but did not feel they were getting sufficient leadership support. While 91 percent of the federal employees surveyed said they are always looking for ways to do their jobs better, only 57.2 percent said they are encouraged to do so. In addition, only about one-third believe creativity and innovation are rewarded by their agency. 


Chinese Diplomats Threaten French Journalist After Tibet Report - Reporters Without Borders, June 11, 2013
Reporters Without Borders is outraged by the way Chinese diplomatic personnel have harassed and threatened French journalist Cyril Payen, a reporter for the French TV news station France 24, since the station broadcast his documentary "Seven days in Tibet" on 30 May. A few days after it was broadcast, Chinese embassy personnel went to the TV channel's headquarters in Paris to demand the documentary's withdrawal from its website. The Chinese embassy in Bangkok then threatened him by telephone after he arrived in Thailand.

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