BBG Media Highlights - June 11, 2013
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Journalist Khadija Ismayil sentenced to forced labor - APA, June 10, 2013
Reporter of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, journalist Khadija Ismayil has been sentenced to forced labor. Khadija Ismayil told APA that she was fined AZN 400, over participation in the protest "Support to Ismayilli" in Baku on January 26. But she refused to pay the fine. At the hearing presided by judge Tarlan Akbarov at Binagadi district court basing on the bailiffs' lawsuit, Khadija Ismayil was sentenced to 220-hour forced labor.
At US-China summit, trust is the issue - Christian Science Monitor, June 7, 2013
Inside China, the human rights situation has sharply deteriorated, especially across the Tibetan plateau where Tibetans continue to burn themselves to death in grisly protests against Chinese denial of their constitutional right to autonomy and to cultural and religious freedom. A powerful new documentary released this week, "Fire in the Land of Snow, Self-Immolations in Tibet," offers a grim look at Chinese repression and the tragic spike in Tibetan protests, especially since 2009
Cold War Turning Point: Fifty Years On - PBS NewsHour, June 10, 2013
As Beschloss and other historians have described, the Kennedy speech was hastily put together by his White House staff to avoid bureaucratic foot-dragging by the State Department and Pentagon. [...] Then, and now, the speech stands apart, even by Kennedy standards, for its eloquence and for some sympathetic words about the Soviet Union and its massive losses during World War II. It so impressed the Russian leadership that they allowed the Voice of America to broadcast it in the USSR without jamming and ran the full text in Pravda.
News outlets targeted in Iran amid run-up to elections - CPJ, June 10, 2013
Independent and opposition voices also remain under threat in Iran. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported on June 7 that its Farsi-language service, Radio Farda, had documented nine cases in May in which family members of their staff had been harassed by the Iranian government.
Also cited in The Iranian.

Around the Web - Diplomatic Courier, June 10, 2013
Are you following the Iranian Presidential elections? Voice of America has put together a great guide on who the candidates in the race are.

The Minister of Communication and Relations with Parliament receives U.S. delegation - Mauritanian Information Agency (French-language publication), June 6, 2013
The Minister of Communication and Relations with Parliament, Mohamed Yahya Ould Hormah met with a U.S. delegation led by Ambassador of the United States of America to the Mauritania, the Honorable Ms. Jo Ellen Powell and included the director of global strategy and development at the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors, Bruce Sherman, as well as the director of Radio Sawa. The meeting focused on cooperation between Mauritania and the USA in terms of broadcasting and communication in general.
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Corruption Currents: From Cyberwar Plans to China Railway Minister - Wall Street Journal, June 10, 2013
The U.S. goal of Iran sanctions is to make the rial useless. A U.S. State Department official did a Q&A on Iran sanctions. (Bloomberg, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

Shwe Mann declares presidential bid - AFP, June 11, 2013
Former general Shwe Mann, a key architect of reforms since the end of the junta in 2011, has long been tipped for a tilt at the nation's top office-currently held by Thein Sein. "I will run for president because it is the key post to work for the betterment of the country and the people's interest," he told Radio Free Asia's Myanmar service during a visit to Washington on Monday, according to a report on their website.
Netanyahu: Israel is taking no sides in Syria - Digital Journal, June 10, 2013
Israeli premier Netanyahu has said his country "does not take sides in the Syrian civil war." He made these comments in the run up to an important debate in the US about whether or not they give arms to the rebels. The Jerusalem Post and Voice of America report that Mr. Netanyahu has also dismissed as "nonsense" rumours that undercover Israeli soldiers are on the ground fighting in Syria.
Suicide Attackers Target Afghan Provincial Council - Fars New Agency, June 11, 2013
A car bomb exploded outside the provincial council headquarters on Monday, Zabul's deputy police Chief Ghulam Gailani Farahi said. Six attackers arrived in a separate car and attempted to enter the building. Farahi told the Radio Free Europe that security forces reacted quickly to the second assault, killing all the attackers.
German Doctors: Ukraine's Tymoshenko Should Remain In Hospital - Fars New Agency, June 11, 2013
A group of German physicians led by the head of Berlin's Charite-University Hospital, Karl Max Einhaupl, examined Tymoshenko in a clinic in Ukraine's Eastern city of Kharkiv on June 10. Einhaupl told journalists that Tymoshenko's back problems should be treated at a hospital rather than in prison, the Radio Free Europe reported.
Of Interest
21st Century Tradecraft in Moscow - Council of American Ambassadors, Spring 2013
President Obama has emphasized the importance of communicating directly with societies, and not just governments, as a necessary means for pursuing our Administration's foreign policy objectives around the world. The same is true in Russia. Given how much time Russians spend online, social media offers an especially exciting new tool for this kind of communication.

Cuba's new Internet locales remain conditioned - Miami Herald, June 7, 2013
While other countries have Internet cafés, Cubans are joking that the communist government has just opened a string of "Internet Corrals." On Monday, the state telecommunications monopoly ETCSA opened 118 locales, each with an average of three terminals with Internet access, across the least Web-connected nation in the Western Hemisphere.
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