BBG Media Highlights - May 31, 2013
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Helping Charlotte find its way - 50 years ago - Charlotte Observer, May 30, 2013
Fifty years ago today, a three-day eat-in at five Charlotte hotels ended, ushering in the desegregation of public accommodations in the city - a move so groundbreaking at the time that it drew national and worldwide attention. ABC News featured Charlotte in a documentary on civil rights, both Radio Free Europe and Voice of America did special broadcasts, and the Associated Press hailed the "Charlotte move" as "one of the first systematic programs of integration on a large scale in the South."
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Report: $30 billion stolen during build up to 2014 Sochi Olympics - CBS Sports, May 30, 2013
"The main conclusion from the first chapter of our report is that, in preparing for the Olympics, $25 to $30 billion have been stolen," Nemtsov said, according to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. "The expenses for the Winter Olympics in Sochi turned out to be more than all expenses for all the sports structures at the previous 21 Winter Olympics put together."

Ethiopia holds reporter covering evictions in dam region - CPJ, May 30, 2013
Local security forces picked up Muluken on Friday in the village of Dobi and confiscated his reporting equipment, the U.S. government-funded Voice of America reported, citing Getachew and members of the journalist's family. Ethio-Mehedar assigned Muluken to report on the return of thousands of ethnic Amhara, Oromo, and Agew farmers who had been forcibly evicted from their land in mid-March, Getachew said.

N.Korea Pilfering Leftovers from Kaesong Complex - Chosun Ilbo, May 31, 2013
The North Korean Army is reduced to pilfering leftover textiles from factories in the joint-Korean Kaesong Industrial Complex and selling them to China, Radio Free Asia reported Thursday. The industrial park was shut down last month after North Korea closed the border amid rising tensions. RFA quoted a North Korean source in the Chinese border city of Dandong as saying the North Korean Army is clandestinely exporting tons of leftover textiles from garment factories in the industrial park.

UN tribunal acquits Serbian officials - Foreign Policy, May 30, 2013
I've noted before the significant number of recent acquittals at international criminal tribunals. Add two more to the list, courtesy of the international tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Voice of America reports: A United Nations war crimes court has acquitted two key allies of former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic. The men were accused of involvement in murder and other crimes committed by soldiers during the 1990s Balkan wars.

In the foreign-language press

NK is smuggling fabric remnants from sewing factories in Kaesong Industrial Zone to China - (South Korean news), May 30, 2013
Remnants of cloth which come from sewing factories in the Kaesong Industrial Complex are being smuggled into China amid Kaesong Industrial Complex has been stopped for almost two months. "A famous trade company under North Korean military is smuggling tons of leftover fabric pieces at once to China," a source spoke to RFA's Korean service on May 29.

Assad has received the first shipment of S300 Russian air defense missiles- Sabr (Kuwaiti online newspaper) May 30, 2013

 According to Radio Sawa, Syrian elite forces and extra fighters from the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah movement have been sent to reinforce government troops battling rebels in the strategic border town of Qusayr, said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.  "The preparations indicate that they are gearing for a major offensive" on Qusayr, Abdul Rahman stated.  He added that Sunni militiamen from Lebanon had joined the battle on the side of the rebels.  "The fighting is becoming more and more sectarian (Shiite versus Sunni) in character," he concluded.


Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:   Syria and Hezbollah bolster forces in Qusayr- Al-Ahram (Egyptian daily newspaper) May 30, 2013

Al-Ahram cited statements aired on Radio Sawa from the director of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdul Rahman, regarding the situation in Qusayr, Syria.  Abdul Rahman said the latest reinforcements "indicate that the regime is gearing for a major offensive" on neighborhoods in the north and west of the town. Control of Qusayr is essential for the rebels as it is their principal transit point for weapons and fighters from across the border in Lebanon. "If Qusayr was not strategic, the rebels would not be fighting to the death and the regime and Hezbollah would not have brought in their heavyweights," Abdul Rahman said.

Also cited in Akhbar Alaan and Almasry Al Youm.


U.S. reconnaissance drone crashed in Somalia- Al-Sharq (Qatari online newspaper) May 29, 2013

An American drone has crashed in Somalia, a US official said, after al-Shabaab militants claimed to have recovered the wreckage.

"I can confirm an RPA (remotely piloted aircraft) crashed in a remote area of the Somali coastline south of Mogadishu," said the defense official to Radio Sawa, who spoke on condition of anonymity.


Bahrain bans political groups from contacting Hezbollah- Almogaz (Egyptian news and information site) May 28, 2013

Bahrain banned political groups from making any contact with Lebanese militant movement Hezbollah.  Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al-Khalifa, in comments on Twitter on Sunday, branded Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah a "terrorist" Radio Sawa reported.

Of Interest
Dios Mío! Pentagon's Latest Weapon in Colombian Drug War? Soap Operas - Wired, May 29, 2013
The U.S. Army is introducing a new weapon in its fight to get Colombia's guerrillas to put down their guns: the soap opera. That's the gist of a recent Army request for proposals, which describes the building blocks of an anti-guerrilla propaganda campaign in Colombia. According to the request, the Army wants a potential contractor to write and produce a total of 20 radio novela episodes for an Army MISO team (Military Information Support Operations) based in Colombia, with eight episodes that "convey messages that promote demobilization," or encouraging armed groups to put down their weapons. Another eight "shall convey messages that counter recruitment of target audiences (TAs) into illegal armed groups."

AP Stylebook marks 60th anniversary with new edition, out today - Poynter, May 30, 2013
The new print edition of the AP Stylebook, which comes out today, features new entries on a wide range of topics - weapons, fashion and social media, to name a few. The Stylebook, which turns 60 this year, has traditionally done a good job reflecting the evolving nature of language.Some of this year's changes - such as the updated entries on illegal immigration and the new entry on mental illness - were in response to ongoing debates about the way journalists use certain terms and phrases in news stories about these topics.
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