BBG Media Highlights - May 29, 2013
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Broadcasting Board of Governors Offers Buyouts to Avoid Furloughs - Government Executive, May 28, 2013
The Broadcasting Board of Governors has begun to offer agencywide buyouts as part of efforts to avoid mandatory unpaid leave. "Buyouts are one of the ways we are working to avoid furloughs and absorb the budget cuts under sequestration," said Tish King, a BBG spokeswoman.
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Pussy Riot's Maria Alekhina hospitalized following hunger strike - Consequence of Sound, May 28, 2013
Last week, imprisoned Pussy Riot member Maria Alekhina declared a hunger strike after she was prohibited from attending her parole hearing in person. Now, according to Radio Free Europe, Alekhina has been hospitalized for low blood pressure.

2013 elections will be credible, Gija tells VOA - Times of Swaziland, May 29, 2013
On Sunday, VOA, one of the leading media houses in the United States of America (USA) ran a story on the country's registration process for the upcoming elections. Chief Gija was quoted saying: "I am confident that they will be very credible like the one we had before and judging by the interest of the people, I am 100 per cent confident that it is going to be a credible election process."

South Sudan says oil still flowing - UPI, May 29, 2013
"Now the oil is still flowing smoothly, it's on its way to Port Sudan, that I can assure you," he was quoted by Voice of America as saying. "Of course President Bashir sends a threat that if we continue to supply the rebels, as he claims, that he has got two weeks to go or he will close down the oil."

Leizhou principal confesses to raping two primary school students - Shanghaiist, May 27, 2013
China's laws surrounding rape are often seen as "weak" and are widely criticized, especially as new underage sex abuse scandals surface in the media. According to Radio Free Asia: Before 1997, sex with a person under 14 was deemed to be rape, regardless of whether or not consent was given, as children of that age were deemed incapable of giving consent.

In the foreign-language press:

2 million students in North Korea receive benefit by WFP's school feeding program - Nocut News (South Korean online news), May 25, 2013
The number of North Korean students who have been provided free school meals by the UN's World Food Program since end of 2012 is about 1,920,000, according to its annual report. It is a largest scale of school feeding aid provided by WFP independently without any government's support, Radio Free Asia reported on May 24.

Pitbull want to make movie about Cuba - Telemundo Miami, May 28, 2013
Pitbull has said he would like to act in a film related to Cuba, where, according to TV Marti, his parents are from.
Of Interest
Beating the Censorship of China's Great Firewall with Raspberry Pi - Tech in Asia, May 29, 2013
Chinese internet censorship can be a pain in the ass. While it's easy enough to circumvent with a good VPN, it's tough to bring your VPN with you wherever you go; even if you install its client on all your own devices you won't have it at friends houses or on public computers, and you've got to open the client and connect on each device separately.

Foreign Projects Give Afghans Fashion, Skate Park and Now 10,000 Balloons - New York Times, May 25, 2013
Braving jeers and provoking smiles, volunteers spread through Kabul on Saturday, giving away 10,000 pink balloons as part of a performance art project called "We Believe in Balloons." Aimed at "creating a stream of shared instances of unexpected happiness" in a war-torn land, the project is the brainchild of the New York-based artist Yazmany Arboleda, who said he had the support of the minister of culture and a half-dozen internationally financed aid groups.

Why Anthony De Rosa Is Joining Circa, And What He Plans To Do When He Gets There - Fast Company, May 28, 2013
Reuters' star social media editor Anthony De Rosa is leaving for a new role: editor-in-chief of fledgling news startup Circa. Circa is a news app (cofounded by Arsenio Santos, journalism crowdfunding platform founder David Cohn, Ben Huh of I Can Has Cheezburger fame, and Matt Galligan) that aggregates and repackages news from around the web in a made-for-mobile format: Stories are broken down into "atoms" of information intended to help mobile readers easily consume news as it occurs throughout the day. Some of the app's most intriguing features are the ability to "follow" an ongoing story and the app's ability to un-bold the headlines of stories readers have already clicked on.
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