BBG Media Highlights - May 28, 2013
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Iran: Threats to Free, Fair Elections - Human Rights Watch, May 24, 2013
A journalist employed by Voice of America's Persian language service told Human Rights Watch that authorities recently confiscated her father's passport when he returned to Iran from a trip abroad. The authorities had previously searched his home and called him in for questioning about his daughter's work at VOA Persian, warning him that she should stop working as a journalist there.

BBG's Presiding Governor Lynton Steps Down - Radio World, May 24, 2013
On Thursday, the Broadcasting Board of Governors was left with another empty seat, after interim presiding Governor Michael Lynton announced that he would be vacating his post, effective immediately. At a time when BBG's role in foreign policy has been a matter of debate and the board been trying to implement large-scale changes in its management structure and distribution infrastructure, the panel itself appears seriously depleted.
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About that Apple 1 that set a new auction record - CNN, May 26, 2013
A rare working Apple 1 sold at auction Saturday for a record $650,000, according to the BBC, $668,000 according to the Associated Press, and $671,400 according to the Voice of America.

Corruption Currents: Another Horsemeat Scandal; China Fights Terrorism Finance - Wall Street Journal, May 24, 2013
The trial of a Canadian businessman accused of bribing officials in Cuba is under way in Havana. The businessman reportedly confessed to the crimes and implicated other foreign firms. (Voice of America)

Nawaz offers all leaders to join PML-N: Jhagra - South Asian News Agency, May 25, 2013
Talking to Voice of America (VOA) here on Monday, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra said that PML-N President Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif wants alliance of all the Muslim League groups and showing the same statesmanship he has offered all the leaders to join the PML-N, adding that Nawaz Sharif showed nobility.

Open welcome marks jailed Tibetan protester's release - Tibetan Review, May 25, 2013
Relatives and friends of a Tibetan jailed last year for taking part in a protest in Gepasumdo (or Thunte, Chinese: Tongde) County of Tsolho (Chinese: Hainan) Prefecture, Qinghai Province, were able to publicly hold a ceremonial welcome for him after completing his jail term, apparently without attracting immediate Chinese crackdown, according to a Radio Free Asia (RFA, Washington) report May 23. Dondrub, 30, jailed for taking part in a Mar 18, 2012 demonstration against Chinese rule was freed on May 20, the report said.

Liberia: What's Wrong With Relinquishing Citizenship for Other? - AllAfrica, May 27, 2013
Senator Wotorson, in a Voice of America interview, admonished US-based Liberians opting for such status, to constructively engage or lobby their representatives and senators in Liberia intensely through phone calls and email. The "Wotorson sponsored Dual Citizenship Bill" did not receive the anticipated response, as it was discouraged when introduced before the Senate's plenary by majority members of the Liberian senate-committing it to 'political homicide' the week following their arrival from their 'annual agriculture break'.

Kem Sokha Says S-21 Was Vietnamese Conspiracy - The Cambodia Daily, May 27, 2013
However, in an interview he gave to Radio Free Asia on Saturday, Mr. Sokha appears to confirm having made the comments. "This was what I have learned from history," he said. "I have learned that the Khmer Rouge had some connections with the Vietnamese. Therefore, this is just my idea, which is not an accusation. But I would like to say sorry if my ideas are different from others."

China news round-up: Li Keqiang returns from Europe, 'a friend in need' visits Beijing - South China Morning Post, May 28, 2013
Radio Free Asia: Fresh clashes hit Kashgar.

Organizers to try to hold gay pride parade in Kyiv on May 25 despite court ban - Interfax, May 24, 2013
The organizers will try to hold an Equality March in Kyiv on May 25, the organizing committee of Kyiv Pride 2013 has told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

China democracy activists warned off Tiananmen commemoration - Tibetan Review, May 24, 2013
Activists Xu Xiangrong, Li Weiguo, and Li Wensheng were threatened by officers at the city's Yuexiu district police station after they went to apply for a demonstration permit on May 22 to mark the Jun 4 anniversary, reported Radio Free Asia (RFA, Washington) May 22.

Czech PM: Pussy Riot are no human rights fighters - Prague Daily Monitor, May 27, 2013
Members of the Russian Pussy Riot punk group are no fighters for freedom and human rights and as they desecrated an Orthodox church, they were punished, though too strictly, Prime Minister Petr Necas told journalists at the Czech embassy Monday, according to Radio Liberty.

Attacks on rebel Syrian city hiked ahead of speech by Hezbollah leader - UPI, May 25, 2013
The town, near the Lebanese border, is strategically important to rebel fighters as a conduit for supplies coming in from Lebanon, Voice of America reported.
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Leaving Tehran and Restraints Behind - New York Times, May 28, 2013
Kiana Hayeri has fond memories of her teenage years in Tehran - even if she had to dodge the morality police whenever she decided to wear a little more makeup or uncover her hair. But at 17, her family sent her to live in Toronto so that she could have better opportunities for college and a career. At an age when fitting in at school is important, Ms. Hayeri's mastery of English was limited to "I don't speak English." Ms. Hayeri, now 24, has spent the last three years documenting people very much like herself.

Russia foreign agent law imperils democracy - Washington Post, May 26, 2013
Vladimir Putin has methodically removed challenges to his authority since he returned to the presidency a year ago, leaving a variety of opponents facing criminal charges that keep them in detention or in court. Now, his critics say, he has taken aim at a wide swath of civic organizations in an attack that could hamper democracy-building efforts for years to come.

Al Jazeera America Shifts Focus to U.S. News - New York Times, May 26, 2013
Now Al Jazeera America is aiming to have virtually all of its programming originate from the United States, according to staff members and others associated with the channel who were interviewed in recent weeks. It will look inward, covering domestic affairs more often than foreign affairs. It will, in other words, operate much like CNN (though the employees say they won't be as sensational) and Fox News (though they say they won't be opinion-driven).

Syria Using 34 Blue Coat Servers to Spy on Internet Users - Reporters Without Borders, May 23, 2013
Syria's Internet network has long been kept under close surveillance. Now it turns out that the surveillance has been stepped up. The Telecomix hactivist group has revealed that 34 Blue Coat servers are operating in Syria (WeFC link). The servers are using DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology to analyse and control the activities of Syrian Internet users - censuring websites, intercepting emails, obtaining details of sites visited and so on.

Burma's Web-Savvy Rebels - Foreign Policy, May 20, 2013
The United Wa State Army, Burma's largest ethnic militia group, with an estimated force of 30,000, communicates with the outside world using Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging platform similar to Twitter. Their account, titled the Wa State News Bureau, has more than 55,000 followers, and is verified by Sina. Besides the Wa Army, several paramilitary groups along Burma's restive border use Sina Weibo to build support from Chinese sympathizers and to tell their side of the story. (None of the groups mentioned in this story agreed to be interviewed.)
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