BBG Media Highlights - April 19, 2013
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Phone app to chart water shortages - Phnom Penh Post, April 19, 2013
Smartphone users in Cambodia will soon be able to monitor and receive information on water supplies in their area. Called "How is your water today?", the app is part of a Radio Free Asia (RFA) effort known as "The Water Project" to chronicle and compile the independent media group's reports on water-shortage issues in the region.

Ten-year milestone for Fort Wayne's New Immigrant Literacy Program - News Sentinel, April 19, 2013
The program held its first annual literacy fair, named after Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, in June 2005, on her birthday. The literacy fair has been broadcast in Burmese around the world via international media outlets such as BBC, Radio Free Asia, Voice of America, etc. In 2011, Aung San Suu Kyi sent a video message for her acknowledgment of the fair's 7th annual celebration.
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Another Cause for Alarm in Iran's Nuclear Program: EarthquakesThe Atlantic, April 18, 2013
"People are inclined to think that Richter magnitude 6, and 7, 8 just go up by a factor of one, [when] actually it's an increase of 10 for each power," said Gary Sandquist, a professor emeritus at University of Utah who specializes in risk assessment and radioactive waste management, in an interview with Radio Free Europe . "So a Richter magnitude 9 is a thousand times greater intensity than a 6. So 6.3 [the scale of the April 9 earthquake] is significant but it's certainly no 9, which is what the Japanese suffered at Fukushima. And that was a once-in-a-thousand-year event, a millennial event."

Putin's men stop at nothing in bid to silence Alexei Navalny - The Week, April 18, 2013
Earlier this week Radio Free Europe blogger Brian Whitmore compared Navalny's trial to that of oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky in 2003 and said it could become an "era-defining event". Khodorkovsky also took Putin to task over corruption and is currently serving a jail term for fraud. He is not due to be released until 2017.

Pipeline in Arakan Draws Protests - Irrawaddy, April 19, 2013
Residents in Arakan State protested a China-backed pipeline project on Thursday, accusing developers of failing to provide adequate compensation, infrastructure and salaries, Radio Free Asia reported.

China accuses Japan of increasing E China Sea tensions - Digital Journal, April 18, 2013
Voice of America reports that the Foreign Ministry spokesperson of the Peoples Republic of China Hua Chunying said Japan should stop scrambling its jet fighters over the East China Sea.

Planned Hospital Would Exclusively Treat Snakebite Victims - Live Science, April 18, 2013
The plan came about due to the sheer number of snakebite victims in northern Nigeria; in some towns in the region, hundreds die each year from deadly bites, Voice of America reports. During the rainy season, which lasts eight months of the year, a wide variety of snakes come out and inevitably have run-ins with humans, many of them subsistence farmers with little or no access to health care.

In the foreign-language press:

Michelle Obama offers condolences to Boston explosions victims- Moheet (Egyptian news and information site) April 18, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama offered condolences to the city of Boston, speaking publicly about the bombings that shocked the city and the nation.

Speaking at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., the first lady spoke about the Boston marathon attacks ahead of her trip with the president to Boston on Thursday.  "Before we get started, I want to take a moment to say that our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Boston," the first lady said.  "My husband continues to monitor the situation and he has directed the full resources of the federal government to assist state and local authorities as they investigate this horrific act," Radio Sawa reported.

Also cited in Almesryoon, Albawabah News, Almogaz, Alyoum Alsabe'a, and Elgornal


Guantanamo hunger strike grows to 52 - Nile (Egyptian television station) April 18, 2013

Nile Television's website cited statements aired on Radio Sawa from the spokesman for the Guantanamo detention center, Navy Captain Robert Durand,  regarding the hunger strike at the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. Navy Capt. Durand said 52 prisoners have been classified as hunger strikers as of Wednesday.  Fifteen prisoners are being force-fed to prevent dangerous weight loss and three have been hospitalized.

Also cited in Moheet, Alarab Al Youm, Alahram, Dostor, Akhbar Al Youm and Alnaddy


Syrian Observatory: 12 killed in rocket attack in Homs - Egypt News (Egyptian news and information site) April 17, 2012

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the rockets struck the village of Eastern Buwaydah outside of Homs, and that two children and two women were among those killed, Radio Sawa reported.

UAE  arrests al-Qaeda terror cell - Ayoooh (Egypt-based news and information site) April 18, 2013

United Arab Emirates authorities have apprehended members of a group believed to be working with the terror network al Qaeda. The suspects had allegedly been planning an attack on the Gulf state. A seven-member group was taken into custody on Thursday under suspicion of links to terror organizations and plans to carry out a terrorist attack on the United Arab Emirates, according to the country's state news agency, Radio Sawa reported. 

Of Interest
The American Who Tells Russia How Bad Things Are in America - Wall Street Journal, April 18, 2013
It isn't quite the radio of days past. Soviet-era beacons like Radio Liberty and the BBC have lost their place on Russian airwaves, and now the Kremlin is offering a fresher voice: Tim Kirby, an expatriate from the suburbs of Cleveland, who says he wants Russian citizenship and says Joseph Stalin was a better leader than he has been portrayed in history books. On radio shows on Moscow's state-controlled Radio Mayak and in frequent appearances on state television, Mr. Kirby is making a name for himself inside Russia as a kind of Kremlin-appointed Joe the Plumber who explains a broken America to Russian listeners.

BBC North Korea film 'damages UK's academic reputation' - BBC News, April 15, 2013
Universities have accused the BBC of putting the integrity of academics at risk with an edition of Panorama which was filmed secretly in North Korea. Three BBC journalists used a trip by a group of London School of Economics students as cover, without getting their full consent, the LSE has said. Universities UK said the move may have damaged "universities' reputations overseas", which rely on transparency. The BBC said the film was in the public interest and would be aired as planned.
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