BBG Media Highlights - April 1, 2013
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Feds rank worst bosses, best bosses - Federal Times, March 31, 2013
Spokesman Kyle King said Voice of America takes these issues seriously and has rolled out a detailed plan to engage employees and promote communication and accountability. The agency also is forming issue-oriented teams that will implement employee suggestions. Those steps will be part of a multi-year effort to improve the workplace and raise employee satisfaction, King said.

Furlough Watch: Agency-by-Agency Impacts of Sequestration - Government Executive, March 29, 2013
Broadcasting Board of Governors: The agency does not anticipate needing to furlough employees this year, according to a memo obtaind by Government Executive. BBG is required to reduce spending by approximately 5 percent, or $37.6 million, by September 30, the memo said. It will do so by freezing hiring, eliminating bonuses, postponing technical upgrades and reducing broadcasts.
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Yoani Sánchez visit invites debate on U.S.-Cuba policy - Miami Herald, March 31, 2013
Shortly after Cuban blogger and pro-democracy advocate Yoani Sánchez visited the White House last week, she was asked by a TV Martí reporter whether she supported an unconditional lifting of the Cuban embargo. She responded, "I am not in favor of that. I think it is clear that there should be conditions, and moreover I believe a long process of debate must exist beforehand. We are already taking the first steps, but I believe we must keep expanding that."

Dying bees mean higher food prices - MSN Money, April 1, 2013
"It seems likely this reflects a history of using oxytetracycline since the 1950s," one of the study's lead authors told Voice of America. "It's not terribly surprising. It parallels findings in other domestic animals, like chickens and pigs."

Bear roars at Europe: Putin's surprise military exercise irks Russia's neighbors - Washington Times, March 29, 2013
Mr. Putin was accompanied by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who had been ordered at 4 a.m. Thursday to launch the no-notice drill, Radio Free Europe (RFE) reported. Mr. Putin issued the order while en route home from South Africa, and neighboring countries were not informed, which provoked some initial alarm.

The Missing Algorithm That Failed to Pick The Missing Google Easter Doodle - Forbes, March 31, 2013
The kerfuffle over Google's Doodle on Easter Sunday sent me searching for a piece I remembered reading about Google's Doodles and what they mean to the company. The article ran in Voice of America earlier this year; but first, a word about the dust up.

Israel's fake rocks spy on Russian fleet - The Australian, March 31, 2013
A Radio Free Europe report claimed last year that Moscow had facilities at Tartus to dock nuclear submarines and that Russian arms were being delivered through the port. "Russia's greatest strategic and geopolitical interest in Syria is the use of a deep-water port at Tartus," it said.

Monk dies in 114th reported Tibet self-immolation - Tibetan Review, March 29, 2013
Konchog Tenzin, 28, torched himself at a major road intersection near his Mori monastery at 7:00 PM, reported Radio Free Asia (Washington) Mar 28. He ended his life thus in protest against the ruthless Chinese policy in Tibet, the report cited sources as saying.

UN Peacekeepers For Combat? In DR Congo, Blue Helmets To Get Serious About Intervention - International Business Times, March 29, 2013
The peacekeeping organization, called the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or Monusco by its French acronym, was established in 1999 and can include up to 19,815 members, at least 17,700 of which are currently on the ground. The "intervention brigade" authorized on Thursday will consist of about 3,000 troops from Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa, according to Voice of America.

Syrian rebels capture strategic town - UPI, March 29, 2013
After 24 hours of fighting, during which 16 rebels and several others were killed, opposition forces captured Dael in Daraa province, Voice of America reported.

2 killed, 1 injured in blasts in Mali - UPI, March 31, 2013
The first incident happened Saturday when a Malian army vehicle drove over a land mine east of Timbuktu, Voice of America reported. Two soldiers died in the explosion.
Of Interest
Russians Selectively Blocking Internet - New York Times, March 31, 2013
The Russian government in recent weeks has been making use of a new law that gives it the power to block Internet content that it deems illegal or harmful to children. The country's communications regulators have required Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to remove material that the officials determined was objectionable, with only YouTube, owned by Google, resisting.

New schedule with reduced shortwave transmissions begins on World Service on 1 April 2013 - BBC, March 25, 2013
Shortwave and medium wave transmissions in English will be reduced to a minimum of 6 hours in total each day. This will generally be two periods of between 2 and 4 hours each, usually at peak listening times in the morning and evening to help minimise disruption. The changes will have less impact in regions where World Service is increasingly accessed via partner stations or online and in countries where FM is widely available. Steve Titherington, Senior Commissioning Editor for BBC World Service, said: "We know that increasing numbers of people are accessing World Service on FM, online, and television. For those who can't access these platforms, we've tried to ensure that they will continue to hear to the best the World Service has to offer at times of the day when they are most likely to tune in."

Privately owned daily newspapers return to Myanmar, challenging state monopoly - AP, March 31, 2013
The newspaper industry might be shrinking in the rest of the world but it expanded Monday in Myanmar when privately run daily newspapers hit newsstands for the first time in 50 years. For many people, the rebirth of daily papers is a novelty: Many weren't even born when the late dictator Ne Win imposed a state monopoly on the daily press in the 1960s. But for 81-year-old Khin Maung Lay, it's like a second lease on life.
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