July 2013 - In this Issue:
Furniture Bank
Tami Jackson's Furniture Bank is giving hope to homeless families.
Celebrating Success
True Stories of a Community
Working Together
Connecting to Serve (CTS) first introduced
you to this advocate in our March E-Newsletter.
The Furniture Bank developed out of an Ahwatukee Community Network meeting addressing the issue of homelessness.
Tami Jackson, and the resulting Homeless Advocacy
Team, soon discovered that there are approximately
5000 homeless children in Maricopa County. These
children and their families are in need of beds, furniture
and other household items once housing is located for
them by local agencies.
Jackson's new program, Furniture Bank, provides essential home furnishings to homeless families transitioning into housing. She has already helped 14 families "transition" since November of 2012.
Gently used furniture and household items, storage space and pick up and delivery assistance is always needed.  How to Help
Jackson's mission is to "give every child a place to lay their head" and help these families get past the stigma of homelessness so they can start "anew."
To learn more or to become involved, please visit their Website or  Email Tami.  
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Hello My Friend,

Sheila Coonen

Executive Director

While Connecting to Serve and the Ahwatukee Community Network takes a much needed summer break, I wanted to take a moment to thank our phenomenal advocacy groups for the exciting things they are doing in our community. 
As you read this, real problems are being solved because ordinary people are saying "Yes" to being part of the solution to these challenges: 
Hunger, homelessness, education, foster care,
senior resources, school safety, domestic violence and more. 

CTS and the Ahwatukee Community Network
will resume our normal meeting schedule:
Tuesday, September 17th
3- 4:30 pm
Mountain Park Senior Living
4475 E. Knox Road
Phoenix, AZ  85044
Panel: To be Announced

In the meantime, we are seeking volunteers who can assist us with: Web Development, Office Administration, Grant Writing and Marketing.  As we operate on minimal funding, we are always thankful for contributions of any size.  Please visit our website for more information or to donate today.

We hope that you all have a happy and safe summer. To learn more, please call (602) 541-7440 or email scoonen@connectingtoserve.org. Thank you for your support.

We are Better Together!

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