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Deadly New Trend: Kids Smoking Alcohol
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Teen Law School Welcomes
Mark Hessinger
When Mark joined Teen Law School's management team after almost 25 years of public service as a prosecuting attorney, it was the fulfillment of his dream to help teach young people about the law before they learned the hard way.  "I've seen far too many kids get into very serious trouble for just "fooling around" or following the crowd.  It's time we warn our kids about the severity of our laws so they can respect them and protect their futures and personal freedoms", Mark said, "Stupid mistakes made as a teenager can cause life long problems."
Mark is a past recipient of the Arizona Prosecuting Attorney's Advisory Council "Prosecutor of the Year" award and a former Chair of the Juvenile Law Section of the Arizona State Bar.  In 2013, Mark was named the recipient of the James Waite Mahoney Memorial Award for Meritorious Service to the Section.  A graduate of Arizona State University's College of Law (now the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law), Mark has represented his native state before justice courts, superior courts, the Arizona Court of Appeals, the Arizona Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court.  As Teen Law School's Business Development and Legal Director, he is responsible for building relationships with courts across the country and for ensuring the fidelity of Teen Law School's legal curricula across state lines.
Deadly New Trend:
Kids "Smoking" Alcohol
When alcohol is smoked, or vaporized, the effects of the alcohol are stronger, quicker and far more toxic. That's the problem facing our young people today, doctors say. 
Lung damage, brain damage and death from alcohol poisoning are all possible because of the high concentration of alcohol delivered.  In recent Teen Law School workshops, we've heard disturbing talk of kids "smoking alcohol", using bike pumps, dry ice, empty cola bottles and any kind of alcohol to get drunk without drinking a thing.  Parents should be aware of this alarming trend and start conversations with their children about the practice.  Be on the lookout for paraphernalia like bike pumps, cork stoppers, empty two liters bottles and the like.  Search for videos on You Tube illustrating the techniques and dangers involved. To learn more, click here.



Now for College Age Students and Adults!

Everyone needs to know more about the laws that govern their daily lives. For middle and high school age students who are still juveniles in the eyes of the law, Teen Law School is the perfect dose of preventive education.  But come that 18th birthday, everything changes.  Even accidental violations of the law will be met with more serious adult charges, harsher adult consequences and easily searchable criminal records that can limit professional and economic opportunities throughout a lifetime. We created LawU101 to help college age students and adults protect their reputations and futures with practical and accurate information about the legal environments they live in. What we don't know about the law can really hurt us, so arm yourselves, your students, employees and friends with LawU101! To arrange for a low-cost, two-hour course on your campus, or in your workplace or worship community, just give us a call. 


Upcoming Workshops
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This Fall:
Faith Church of the Valley, Chandler
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Teen Law School Addresses Pinal County's Youth Probation Summit
Eighteen young people serving terms of intensive probation attended a Teen Law School breakout session during the 2nd Annual Pinal County Youth Probation Summit held at Glad Tidings Church in Casa Grande in July.  Organized by Donna McBride of the Pinal County Juvenile Justice Center and attended by various community organizations providing services to the County's youth, the summit created an atmosphere of encouragement and positive support for court involved kids.  In Teen Law School's session, Claudia Gilburd and Mark Hessinger answered kids' questions about Arizona laws that govern the activities of their daily lives.  Jeanne Robinson of Jessica's Operation Orange joined in to share the story of her beautiful, ambitious daughter who is currently serving a 7 year sentence in Perryville Prison for vehicular manslaughter. Jeanne's emotional message against drinking and driving had a deep effect on many juveniles.  To learn more about Teen Law School's workshops for middle and high school age youth, click here.  To learn more about Jessica's Operation Orange, click here.
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