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I always marvel at how my local barista painstakingly creates a beautiful design atop my double tall latte, even though it exists for merely a minute or so before I stir in some agave and begin to drink.

It lives for the briefest moment, then it's gone forever.

Still ... it's beautiful.

Perhaps it's our culture's version of the Tibetan Sand Mandala,
where millions of grains of sand are arranged in elaborately intricate patterns over a period of days and sometimes weeks.

Like my latte's handcrafted design, most sand mandalas are ritualistically destroyed very soon after they are completed, a vivid demonstration of the impermanence of all thing created.

Here's an excerpt from Werner Herzog's documentary THE WHEELS OF TIME, where the Dalai Lama supervises the creation and destruction of one such elaborate masterpiece.

construction and destruction of a mandala
(Perhaps as Kansas sang, "All we are is dust in the wind."

So often the most valuable advice I offer Creative Clients is to simply create some kind of personal ritual around their process, some way of framing their artistic time and bracketing it off from the rest of life's mundane tasks.

In our increasingly busy world,
the need for ritual is greater than ever. 

And yet our time for rituals is even more compressed and restricted.

I can't tell you how many emails I received about MYKONOS that all said exactly the same thing:

"I so wish I could afford the money/time for a Yoga/Transformation retreat and I need one really desperately ... but I just can't right now"

So I decided to get creative and re-invent the Retreat Wheel.


A one day NYC All Day Urban Retreat

Limited to 3 People Only

--  A two hour private yoga class with me (shared w/2 other people)

--  A Game of Transformation played around your personal focus
     (Trust Me:  this can be life-alteringly great)

--  Mastermind Session + Journaling / Vision Quest Work

--  A private consult with Belle (priceless)

(Plus there will probably be some wine involved.)

If you're interested ... shoot me an email.  It's obviously very limited and I want to gather the right small group(s).

Let's create a day of ritual together that uniquely serves your body, mind, and spirit.

Namaste for Now,

P.S.  My novel DOWNWARD DOG is being released in paperback
this June. 

If you'd like a signed copy, just CLICK HERE
and I will autograph and mail to you.  




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