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Somewhere sailing the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand, I played my first game of TRANSFORMATION with the Bestselling (Transformational) Author & Artist SARK and my dear, dear friend Leslie.

A board game for 2 to 4 players created by the mystical Findhorn community in Scotland in 1978, TRANSFORMATION was a revelation for me.

You begin by selecting a playing focus -- a question you'd ask the Universe (or Oprah) -- and over the next several hours you draw Insight and Setback cards, collect pain and awareness tokens, empty out your Unconscious Envelope, all the while drawing Angel Cards that light your path as you move up through the Physical, Emotional, Mental and finally the Spiritual levels. 

(By the way, the shortest game I've ever played is 1.5 hours; the longest was about 4.)

In the last two weeks, I've introduced the game to a dozen friends via 7 games, including 5 times over Thanksgiving week in Cancun.

You see, even though Happy Hour at the pool starts at 11 am -- I'm not kidding about that -- I found myself much more drawn to exploring the inner depths with like-minded souls.

Here are some of the reasons why I just might love playing Transformation more than a before-noon Piņa Colada:

A CHANCE TO FOCUS (but in a really fun way)

Given that I probably text a thousand times more than I actually speak to even my closest and oldest friends, playing TRANSFORMATION creates the opportunity to really have an extended conversation on something significant.

IE, in a world measured mostly in 120 characters, it's a chance to Dive In Deep.

The more I play, the more I'm struck by the astonishing level of Synchronicity that occurs.

In fact, out of the 300+ cards involved in the game, over and over the ones with the exact right message for you somehow always turn up.


Playing with the right people -- wise but fun-loving -- means that you're going to get some incredible insights about yourself and your focus question, a grab bag of "Aha!" moments if you will.

And in Cancun, one friend even rephrased my Focus Question in a way that pretty much gave me the answer I needed.  

And ... speaking of MASTERMINDS ...

My 10 week CREATIVE MASTERMIND class is going to complete with a virtual game of Transformation via Skype (I've done it before and it works just fine;  all players do need their own boards however).

Here are my 2 TRANSFORMATIONAL offerings:

If you want in to learn more about my January 2014 Mastermind Group -- CLICK HERE.

Or if you want to explore 1:1 Transformation Possibilities, CLICK HERE and we'll have a FREE 20 minute chat.

... 'Nuff said ...

With Great Appreciation for Your Transformational Journey,








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