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Today, I'm celebrating the release of my novel
DOWNWARD DOG (Diversion Books).


Then just check out our

Yes -- I want you to buy the book on AMAZON.

And yes,
I want you to read my novel while drinking a glass of wine
from our sponsor, Wente Vineyards.

And if you're inspired, give a donation to our charity
Bent on Learning (yoga for Inner City Kids).

But mostly I'm writing now to offer you something else:
A FREE TELECALL about yoga and sexuality.


On June 18th, 8pm EST

My friend Amy Jo Goddard and I
are offering a FREE tele-seminar
about yoga and sexuality, creativity and spirituality.

Amy Jo Goddard is a sexual empowerment coach,
author, and sexuality educator.  She's totally awesome ...

In our telecall Amy Jo and I will explore:
  • The connections between Spirituality and Sexuality -- why do we perceive a conflict?               

  • The perpetual allure of the Bad Boy ... why is he just so damn compelling?              

  • The Role of the Teacher (especially when it comes to gender and authority and boundaries)      
  • The power of Forgiveness and of Letting Go that lies at the very heart of Yoga and Intimacy     




CLICK HERE to sign up.  





 With Great Appreciation,







P.S.  As always, I am offering a few CREATIVE CONSULTS this month --  
although I can't promise you your own wine sponsor!



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