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author of DOWNWARD DOG
(Diversion Books;  June 2013)

Oddly, the same buzzword is bandied about constantly by two completely separate camps in my life -- my Yoga Universe and the Law of Attraction crowd.

What are these two disparate spiritual communities talking about non-stop (yet totally differently) ...?  

In a word: 


In the yoga community, it's all about Physical Alignment.  

Whether it's an old-school Iyengar class where you work on only two poses in an hour in great anatomical detail, or a fast-paced vinyasa flow where there's an exciting "move du jour" -- everybody's got a strong opinion of just how, where, and why you should move your body.

Sometimes this physical alignment info is profound -- I've made the tiniest adjustment and someone can suddenly float up in an arm balance or achieve a major pose -- while other times it's normative and micro-managing in the extreme.

For the Law of Attraction crowd, however, it's all about a kind of Inner Alignment.

With what exactly ... ?

Well, that depends.

Sometimes, it's about lining up with your own decisions (meaning when you proceed, you're fully committed deep down and not just going through the motions.) 

Most often, however, it means lining up with something a little bigger, a little more Cosmic than you -- call that what you will (Source, the Divine, You Name It).

As an example -- and although I am addicted to Abraham-Hicks cruises, this dialogue was a little before my time so I'm TOTALLY paraphrasing here -- someone asked how they should approach writing a book in six months, and Abraham's answer was:  

If we had 6 months to write a book, we would spend the first month just getting into Alignment.

And then the second month, we would focus only on getting into Alignment.

The third month, our only job would be getting into Alignment.

The fourth month, we'd write the book.

The fifth month, we'd edit.

The 6th month, we'd celebrate.
                                                            -- Abraham-Hicks

I honestly think that actually describes 90% of my job with creative clients:  helping them get themselves back into Alignment.  

  • Alignment with what they're writing.  
  • Alignment with where they are in the process.
  • Alignment with the rest of their lives.

Some of that work -- structuring a manuscript or picking out the best log-line for agent query letters -- is akin to the physical aspects of yoga alignment ...  Precise, practical, and powerful.

Other parts of it -- like giving oneself permission to sharpen every pencil before being ready to sit down and actually write -- is much more about the other kind ...  Interior, Expansive, and Utterly Transformative.

That's why -- on both levels -- the most powerful lesson I've learned as a Creative Guru is that ALIGNMENT is infinitely more important that Action.

Taking the time to really line up with yourself (and your project) not only makes the process and the result 1,000 times better, it also improves the creative journey in ways you can't begin to measure.

This week -- while I'm waiting on my novel's final book cover from my publisher -- I have a few spaces for FREE consults to see if we're a match towards finding your CREATIVE ALIGNMENT. 

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Most importantly, make your own Alignment your top priority -- trust me, everything else will fall into place after that!