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This Saturday, I wrote one of my most popular Facebook Posts, one that got tons of "likes" and comments:

  • "You know you're really a writer when (as a spiritual releasing exercise) you write the apology/acknowledgment letter that someone in your past should send you -- a letter that seems extraordinarily unlikely that the real person will ever write -- and then you spend another hour editing it so it's totally perfect, before you sign their name and pop it in the mail to yourself."

Now, I meant it to be funny (of course), but the truth is that writing this letter was one of the best uses of pen to paper -- or in this case, fingers to keypad -- I've ever undertaken.

This August, I went on the Abraham-Hicks Alaska cruise and in a week filled with an extraordinary outpouring of wisdom, one of the most striking statements was "Writing is your strongest point of focus."

Now, as a Creative Guru, I'm working with several writers completing memoirs (both erotic and comic), and books about self-actualization and empowerment, and even non-fiction science -- NOT crafting out letters they would like to receive from people in their past.

Nonetheless, I was struck once again by the power of telling your story, of simply putting your truth down on paper, and then releasing it into the world.

Writing really has the power to heal and inspire, and in this case, bring about a kind of forgiveness I didn't really think was possible.

So if there's that letter (or phone call) that you need to receive on some deep level, but know in your heart that the odds aren't in your favor of ever actually getting it in the mail ... write it and send it to yourself. 

If you're like me, you'll be amazed at the changes it can bring ....
I saw this love letter on the beach later that day ...

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