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May 2015 
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2015 SOILMAP User Conference
Creating blend sheet from tablet
Partial Application
Bio-Security Zone
Fleet Management
AgVantage Integration
Tips & Tricks - Geography Tool
InfoAg Conference
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2015 SOILMAP User Conference
Please save the dates of August 4th & 5th for the 2015 SOILMAP User Conference. 
This will be held at Kings Pointe Resort in Storm Lake, Iowa.

Registration for the conference is free. 

We recommend you send as many people from your organization as you can. This year we will have several door prizes and random drawings throughout the 2 day conference. 

Please make sure to book your own rooms at King's Pointe Resort early. Last year the resort filled up fast.

Please RSVP to Patrick Olmstead at [email protected]

We've also created a short survey. Please take a minute to fill out this survey so we can make this the best user conference  possible.  Your feedback is extremely important to us.

SOILMAP User Conference Survey

Download Conference agenda here: 2015 User Conference   
Creating blend sheet from tablet in field  
This month I wanted to create a video to show you just how easy it is to create a blend sheet from a tablet and pass that work order over to your accounting package from the field.  A tablet could be your iPad/Android or even your phone.

Take a quick look at the video below. It's quick and simple. (video duration: 1:19)

The same steps could be used to send blend orders to automated equipment such as Junge or Kahler style blenders. 
Partial Application Feature  
As you are starting to create your spray blend sheets remember the partial application feature.  This is an easy use tool that prevents you from having to create a new field year after year for different spray scenarios. 
The screen of the left is the unedited field boundary. It shows around 55 acres. On the right hand side we used the partial application feature and reduced that to 18 acres. 
Bio-Security Zone 
As we continue to see the Avian Flu spread throughout the Midwest, SOILMAP realizes the important and urgent nature of this issue. In order to create awareness, and facilitate our user's dispatch systems, we have released a new update to SOILMAP to help display bio-security zones. (screenshot A)
You can visually see these zones with an overlay of your fields. There is the ability to setup multiple zones and you can specify the radius ring distance.   If a field is within one of these zones and a workorder is made it will be displayed accordingly on the blendsheet. (Screenshot B)    Source Farm-News Avian Flu Article

Screenshot A
Screenshot B
Fleet Management
SOILMAP Fleet has updates!

Please request a demo today for more information ([email protected]) OR attend the 2015 SOILMAP User Conference where we will showcase some of the new features.

The image below displays a Bio-Security Zone where avian flu was reported. A geo-fence was created called "Bio-Security Zone". Your dispatch coordinator will receive alerts if/when assets enter this zone.
*The Green, Blue, and Pink around that area are vehicles nearby.
SOILMAP -AgVantage Integration
We are pleased to announce that SOILMAP has started development activities to integrate with AgVantage software. This integration will feature change/edit/delete, real time customer account updates, and much more.  We are very excited for this integration task. 

We expect this to be fully functional prior to Fall 2015.    

Tips & Tricks - Geography Tool 
Do you know how to delete multiple nodes at once inside the Geography Tool?

Hold Ctrl + left click to select multiple nodes
Push Shift + left click on node + Shift + left click on another node to delete everything in between (shown below)

If you are having any issues with your camera or the lat/long displaying on reports, make sure to check that SoilmapSync app is allowed to use these services through your iPad.

This is the most common thing we have seen. Almost anytime you install a new app and go to use it for the first time, Apple will ask you for permission to use this. If you were going quickly it would be easy to say no to these questions.

To change:Settings


Location Services

Change SoilmapSync to be either 'while using' or 'always'   


Another trick with this app or any other app is to force close them. Double click the home button and then swipe upwards.  This will close the apps, much like closing a program on your PC.    

To download the app on an iPad, visit the Apple App Store and search for SOILMAP. Contact SOILMAP for your ID and Password.     
InfoAg Conference 
Look for us at Info Ag in St.Louis Missouri this July 28th-30th         
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