SOILMAP eNewsletter
May 2012
SOILMAP'S 1st Newsletter has arrived.  We want to improve our communication with our users, thus an eNewsletter is just the ticket. Our goal is to communicate development efforts, key support and product improvements as well as upcoming activities in this newsletter.  Communication is critical and we want to improve so you are in the know!
Inside this eNewsletter you will find the following:
SOILMAP Recent Improvements
SOILMAP Development Efforts
SOILMAP Support Hints
SOILMAP User Conference
  • Terry Panbecker      Manager and Sales
  • Larry Eekhoff          SOILMAP Data Management (DM) Lead  
  • Patrick Olmstead      Support Manager and Test Lead 
  • Alex Gascho            Documentation Manuals, Data Processing and Support
  • Wade Broom            GIS Expert, Data Processing and Support  
  • Tonya Johnson        Billing Specialist, Data Processing and Support
  • Leanne Shimon        Program Manager and Software Requirements  
  • John Fransen          Software Developer
  • Deven Amin             Software Developer 
SOILMAP Recent Improvements
*Left click to download Release Notes

New Crops Available for Use
Direct Application
Partial Application
SOILMAP Development Efforts   
  • SOILMAP Data Mining Report Engine "Find the Value in your SOILMAP data"
  • More on the horizon to be mentioned in upcoming eNewsletters and showcased at the SOILMAP User's Conference 
SOILMAP Support Hints
Hint #1: I'm trying to link a chemical/fertilizer to the SOILMAP master database but I can't find the product in the master database?  In this scenario, the chemical/fertilizer needs to be added to the master database by the MAPS staff.  Some chemicals/fertilizers are easier to find than other so it is helpful if the attached form  New Product is completed when making these requests.

Hint #2: I've added a new customer, but it's not showing up?  This is because the customer file runs every night and will be there the following morning for you, whereas chemicals and fertilizers are instantaneous. 
SOILMAP Users Conference
August 16th and 17th 2012 , Kings Pointe, Storm Lake, IA

The SOILMAP user conference is now set and we are excited about this year's content and event schedule.  We will be releasing some new features that day so come and get a sneak peek of them!

Our focus of this year's conference will be "SOILMAP Data Mining and Efficiency"

We are planning an outside BBQ on Thursday evening at the lake front shelter house within walking distance from the hotel.  There will be numerous outdoor activities,  refreshments and catered food from Vinny's BBQ.  This should be a great event and we will also have plenty of time to ask questions, discuss product improvements and also some time to have fun and get to know everyone. 

Please RSVP immediately to ensure we have enough meeting room, space and food.  Like the years past, we will cover meals and meeting rooms, you will cover room and travel expenses.  Please make Hotel reservations soon and use the SOILMAP name to get the $79.00 per night room rate.  Kings Pointe reservation number is 1-877-217-2232 or
For Help & Support contact:
Patrick Olmstead at 515-955-9004 or
Wade Broom at 515-955-9002 or
Alex Gascho at 515-955-9007 or