Lots of news to share with you this month. As the flowers begin to bloom and our landscapes turn green, we have three ways for you to get out and explore the properties that you help us to protect - the Passport to Nature, Carden Challenge and Walk Wylie. 
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 Imagine the smell of the air, the feeling of the breeze on your face...
this is Turnbull Ranch on the Carden Alvar.

Carden Challenge
May 27 - 28, 2016

24 hours on the alvar - count as many species as possible - teams of four - raise funds for our conservation efforts - have fun!
Are you up for the Challenge?

Over the past 11 Challenges, we have counted 187 bird species (wow), 22 of which are at some level of risk of extinction. You can see a full species list here.

Interested in taking part? Contact Ron Reid or click here to learn more.
Walk Wylie
May 28, 2016

Is the 24 hour Challenge too much? Not much of a birder? We've got an alternative for you!

Brand new this year - explore the Birder's Highway, raise funds to support our work and Walk Wylie!

You can walk anytime between 9am - 12pm and start at Bluebird Ranch. You have three options for distances:
  • to the Cabin: 1.15km - 16 minutes
  • to the Bird Blind: 1.85km - 26 minutes
  • to Sedge Wren Marsh: 2.6km - 38 minutes
(and then walk back to the start of course).

Interested in walking? Contact Tanya Clark or learn more here.
Birding, Hiking & More
Upcoming Passport to Nature events

There are four events planned for May, with Chris Ellingwood, Anne Barbour, Ron Reid and Janet Grand.

May 14th: Birding by Ear & Sounds of the Night
May 15th: Grassland Birds (almost full)
May 31st: Wildflower Walk

Water Quality

Join the Water Quality Team!  Now recruiting for 2016. Volunteers are trained to monitor sites in Carden and Ramara for seven water quality indicators.  No experience necessary.   All the details here

Our Year One Water Quality Report  is available for download here
In the News & in the Field

 many thanks for your support.
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