As you know, volunteers are at the heart of all that we do. They make it all possible by sharing their time, skills and expertise to strengthen the work that we do. In this e-news, you'll find a new video created by a volunteer, a new team volunteer opportunity and some follow up information after our very well attended Annual General Meeting.
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Just below a beaver dam at the Kris Starr Sanctuary, a spray of water created a magnificent sculpture.
President's Message

Another successful year! Our capacity to protect vulnerable environments and engage an increasing audience in conservation continues to grow. This is due to our strong culture and our talented people.

Our Culture: The culture of the Conservancy was set firmly in place by the founding members based on their shared motivation to protect the environment through a respectful and cooperative approach to land acquisition, stewardship and outreach. This culture is evident daily in our work and our relationships.
Our People: Each and every one of our supporters and volunteers is important. Monthly donors are growing and major donors and sponsors continue to be enthusiastic. Our incredibly hard working volunteers bring passion and skills to diverse activities. We simply could not accomplish what we do withoutthese people who are endlessly generous with their time, talent and resources. We are so very grateful. Read More

Margaret Pomeroy
President of the Board of Directors

P.S. In case you missed it, here are some key documents and links from our Annual General Meeting:
Thanks again to guest speaker Mark Mattson from Lake Ontario Waterkeeper.
New Video

Thanks to the efforts of volunteer Cameron Curran, we have a beautiful new video that provides an overview of the work that we do and why we protect nature together.

Our thanks to "interviewees", Ron Reid, Aiesha Aggarwal and Bob Sullivan.

Now is the time to make your commitment to protecting nature today, for future generations to enjoy.

By becoming or renewing your membership, we become a force of good for the entire community.

You can easily donate online through Canada Helps or give Tanya a call at the office at 705-326-1620.

If you've already renewed your membership for the year - thank you!
We're looking for volunteers for a brand new team!
New Volunteer Opportunity
Conservancy Community Drive

Can you help us out?

We're putting our boots to the ground and getting out to share our love of nature with the community - and we need some nature lovers to be involved in this new team!

With assistance from the Canadian Freshwater Alliance and supported by The Gosling Foundation, this team will help us to reach more people in the region, have conversations about the importance of conservation and more.

Click here to learn about the Conservancy Community Drive.
Dale Leadbeater & Anne Barbour
New Carden Flora Checklist

We've added a new resource to our website - the Flora of Carden.

In partnership with the Kawartha Field Naturalists Club, over 3,500 plant records were reviewed.

You can download the Checklist from our website.

Happy reading!
, many thanks for your support.
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