Volunteers spent some quality time at Scout Valley picking garlic mustard around the Regan House.
Spring/Summer 2014

Here at the Conservancy, the spring and summer fly by in a pleasant blur of property team visits, bird blitzes, festivals, and invasive species control. We're out caring for the land with the many volunteers who've signed on to join us in stewardship activities.

With hard work, each year brings a ceremony or two to dedicate newly protected properties. Our stewardship manager even supervised a fashion shoot one summer. In any given year, the stories are always interesting.

The concept of land stewardship can be mysterious and a little intimidating if you've never been involved, so this summer we're running a special series, "Notes from the Field." Check in regularly to read updates from our Stewardship Manager, David Hawke.

Winners of the Carden Cup
2013 Carden Cup Winners - Team Lagerhead
Carden Challenge

The Challenge teams will be heading out on the Carden Plain on May 30 at 6:00 pm in search of as many birds, wildlife and reptiles as possible in a 24-hour period. All funds raised support our stewardship and conservation efforts on the Carden alvar.

While the teams are out in search of as many species as possible, you can join in the fun! We will be tweeting and sharing photos throughout the Challenge. Visit our Twitter feed online (no Twitter account required).

It's not too late to support one of the teams that are taking part in the Challenge. There is a list of teams on our website - we appreciate your support.

This is your last chance to register for the Carden Nature Festival!

"So many tours to choose from and excellent guides to explore a very unique area. I always really enjoy the festival." 
2013 Festival participant

A special thank you to all of our Corporate Partners - see the full list on our website.




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