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Florida Will Develop Streamlined ATFS Certification
The American Forest Foundation and the Florida Forest Service will Tree Farm Logo develop a new approach to the certification process to streamline American Tree Farm System® certification. A landscape level management plan will be developed by the two organizations to reflect the forest types, silvicultural systems, and the priorities of private woodland owners in Florida. Woodland owners in the area can opt-in to adopt the plan to fast track their certification or go through the more traditional process. The Center looks forward to this effort and hopes it will be successful. If it works in Florida, it can be replicated in other states and potentially other certification systems. Read more about the program in AFF's announcement.
FSC® Delays FM 
Standard Revision
The U.S. FSC Forest Management Standard was scheduled to be updated and revised in 2015 by the normal review process. However with the full implementation of the International Generic Indicators (IGI), the review has been delayed. FSC US will put together a Standards Development Group to bring the US Standards in line with the IGIs in the second quarter of 2015. The international review of the U.S. standards will take place in the summer of 2016. The current Forest Management Standard will stay in effect at least until 2017. The Center will continue to follow up with the standards review process.
New FSC Retail Labels?
Public consultation on the updated requirements for FSC trademarks is open until January 31, 2016. The standard adds the new Forests For All Forever™ trademark from the recently
launched campaign. The big
 proposed change is to the 'Mix' label. The consultation asks for comment on two options: one option to keep the 'Mix' and '100%' labels but add some explanatory text or eliminate the different labels and consolidate into one on-product label. Keeping the multiple labels allows consumers to differentiate among the claims. One label could make it simpler for consumers but well-informed parties could no longer differentiate between '100%' and 'Mix' products if that is a priority for them. All chain-of-custody certificate holders and consumer groups are encouraged to comment. You can read more about the new standard and find information about commenting on FSC International's website.
Center Sponsors and Support
The Center wishes to thank our sustaining and supporting sponsors. Particular thanks are given to corporate sponsors providing sustaining multiple year commitments including Time Inc., Domtar Corporation, Central Appalachian Forestry Alliance, Mountain Association for Community and Economic Development, and Kentucky Division of Forestry. Sustaining contributions are also being provided by the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Department of Forestry, and the Kentucky Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee. Center also wishes to thank organizations for providing endorsement of the Center including the Kentucky Forest Industries Association, Tennessee Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee, Kentucky Chapter of the Association of Consulting Foresters, and the Kentucky Woodland Owners Association. For more information about our partners and how you can support the Center's mission, goals, and projects please visit here.
About Us
The Center for Forest and Wood Certification is a partnership venture focused on enhancing wood and forest certification. The Center is provided direction by eight partners including University, non-profit, forest industry, and consulting foresters. The Center is housed at the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Department of Forestry and is funded through membership fees, grants, and gifts with oversight and management by Cooperative Extension Service personnel at the University of Kentucky.
November 2015
Acres Certified
Industrial - 4,735
Public - 43,713
Family Forests - 18,857
College - 8,9712
Chain of Custody Certificates - 55    
Logger - 12
Primary - 8
Secondary - 33
Reclaim - 2

The Center is geared up to assist any stakeholder group with help with their certification efforts. Whether you need to get your industrial forest certified, need assistance with your company's sustainability policy, need technical assistance in writing your sawmill's policies and procedures manual, or need to learn what goes in a certified management plan the Center can support and aid in your certification needs. Contact us toll free at 855.579.2690 to begin the process.

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