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September 2013 


Ken Bodenhamer 2011




So, I have been reading a lot about employee engagement over the past month in preparation for a presentation about controlling turnover for my organization. With all my focus on engagement, I started to ponder about our ASTD of SWFL membership. Are they engaged? Or, are they disengaged?


I decided that now is the perfect time for you, our members, to share with me about whether you are engaged or disengaged with our local chapter.


Please let me know what it is that you find of value about the chapter and what you would like to see different about the chapter so that it does bring value to you.


I would love to hear from you. Engage me with your thoughts. You can contact me via my work e-mail at


Remember, the ASTD of SWFL chapter is here for you, our members.


Stay connected, and I hope to see you at our September chapter meeting.


Your ASTD SWFL President,

Ken Bodenhamer


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August's Chapter Meeting Recap
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August Chapter Meeting Recap

Secrets of Facilitation group discussed using some of the activities from the book by Sivasailam Thiagarajan and Tracy Tagliati called, "JOLTS! Activities to Wake Up and Engage Your Participants."  It was also shared that he has coauthored a book called PHOTO JOLTS! 

Maintaining interest during sessions means getting the participants involved, several ideas that were shared include social media. One person introduced "key terms" to a group of new managers and for homework asked them to go to YouTube and search the words. They were instructed to bring back what they learned which opened up the discussion and kept their interest levels high. 

Polleverywhere (a free polling program) was discussed by each group and those that have experience think it is a great tool.   Movie clips or YouTube videos were discussed as ways to spark good discussions and keep interest.  Asking the group to share "real life" situations in a session allowed others in the class to be interactive and use their problem solving skills. Also allowing the trainer to know what the team knows and doesn't know helps to develop future topics for the group.



Engagement is by definition a structured method to create communication opportunities between employees and management, yet differs from one organization to the next. Engagement structures are a sub set of the "surveys" that are conducted on an annual basis.


Most engagement opportunities employed by participants were periodic meetings focused on both the business outcomes (results) and teamwork (relationships) within departments and divisions, such as trust levels and open communication.


Participants in the roundtable session dedicated to Measuring Training and ROI all seemed to agree; "Measuring the effectiveness of training is not being done to any great extent, is sorely needed to be able to make good business decisions, and seems very hard until you take the time to break it down into simple tasks".    One really great comment was that "any measurement I start doing tomorrow is better than the one I am not doing today", which gives a clear message that small steps can be taken on the path to complete ROI measurements. 


The handout from the session highlights three easy steps to start the measurement process, 1. Understand what you want training to change and begin to measure it (called a KPI, Key Performance Indicator), 2.  Use a post-training survey tool to gather data on how participants are applying the skills and knowledge from the training,  3. Communicate the results of the KPI change post training, linking the change to the training through the survey data collected.  Examples were given of graphs, scorecards, and charts that could be sued to communicate important training measures.


Participants in the roundtable discussion focused on e-Learning and Technology were all given handouts that showed them the resources available on the website for members.  


You can learn a lot just by logging in to our website and going to the Members Only pages. They were also provided with a process and project plan for converting live standup training into online e-learning.


We opened with the acronyms of e-learning, html-5, html, lms, lcms, SCORM, swf, flv, and mp4. That led to plenty of questions to discuss. The final take away was, "This is pretty complex."


Upcoming Events


Chapter Board Meeting at Cracker Barrel from 8:15am - 9:15am on Wednesday, October 2nd.  


Monthly Meeting at Keiser University, Wednesday , September 18th from    11:30 am to 1 pm. 


Wednesday Coffee Social will be September 25th at Books-A-Million, off Colonial in Ft Myers.  Join us starting at 5:30 pm to socialize, discuss the most recent chapter meeting, or brainstorm on any topic you would like.


Master Class - Ignite Event will be Friday November 1st, Keiser University, from 9 am to Noon.  Registration is from 8:30-9:00am. Stay tuned for more details!  


Did You Know?
Share Our Success Recognition.  ASTD is recognizing our local chapter nationally for its efforts in Public Relations and Membership drive.  For the past two years we have attended the "Tri-County" event in an effort to share our mission with the local professional community.   Look for us on the ASTD "Chapter Leader Community" webpage! 
BOGO Program.  Register to attend a meeting and your friend, neighbor, colleague, etc. can attend for FREE.  Just have your guest register to pay at the door, print the ticket at the link below, and show it at the door the day of the meeting.


Charlie CarpenterThank you for reading and enjoying this month's newsletter.  Our chapter is vibrant and growing.  Attend a meeting and you will find it to be value adding.



Charlie Carpenter
ASTD SWFL - VP of Communications & Technology 

September 18, 2013
Chapter Meeting

5 True Horror Stories of Copyright and Privacy Invasion for Professional Trainers


Avoid copyright faux pas in your presentations and website. Protect your material and learn the Myths of the Internet. Discover why truth doesn't matter in invasion of privacy torts in a fast-paced, highly interactive, and fun session on a serious subject. 


Our speaker, Anne Dalton, was Senior Attorney for Radio City Music Hall and Legal and Business Affairs Counsel at ABC Network News.


She has practiced creative arts and government law in Lee County, Florida for the last 22 years and is currently General Counsel to various state-wide and local creative arts and other non-profit organizations in addition to owning and managing her solo law and mediation practice. She is a frequent lecturer on copyright, contracts, and invasion of privacy matters.


Ann Dalton Selected Member, National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, and Diplomate, Florida Academy of Professional Mediators



Join ASTD of Southwest Florida on Wednesday, September 18th at Keiser University for a unique program that will start promptly at 11:30 a.m.




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You can pay by credit card or choose to pay at the door.  We can only accept credit cards online.

Local ASTD Member:
$15 with lunch, $10 without lunch
GUESTS or Non Local ASTD Member: $20 (with or without lunch)
Student with ID Non Local ASTD Member: $10 (with or without lunch),
Student with ID Local ASTD Member: $5 (with or without lunch) 


Lunch is from Jason's Deli   When you register please choose the type of lunch that you would like to have from our menu listing; you may also opt out of lunch. 

Ice Cold Water will be provided for everyone.


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* Rasmussen College

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**Keiser University


What is Copyright?
Copyright is the right of the owner to reproduce or permit someone else to reproduce copyrighted works.

Copyrightable works include:
  • literary works such as articles, stories, journals, or computer programs
  • pictures and graphics
  • blueprints of architecture
  • music and song lyrics
  • plays and screenplays
  • audiovisual recordings such as movies
  • sound recordings
If you're not sure if an item is copyrighted, it probably is.

Reproduction can include:
  • printing a web page
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  • downloading an image to your hard drive
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