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April 2013 



Ken Bodenhamer 2011


Does laughter belong in the training room?  And, should training professionals use humor during their presentations?

Well, for those of you who know me and have watched me facilitate, I love to engage my audience with laughter using humor in the training room.  I truly believe that laughing can lead to learning.  And when laughter exits, so does participation and the transfer of knowledge.

So, instead of using LOL for "laugh out loud", I am going to start using LOL for "learn out loud"!

If you have never experienced humor in the training room, then you will want to be at our April chapter meeting, "Training with a Twist".  Come see the Dramatic Results Troupe deliver learning through laughter and role-playing.     

Stay connected, and I hope to see you at our April chapter meeting.

Your ASTD SWFL President,

Ken Bodenhamer

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Meet April's Speakers
March Chapter Meeting Recap
Upcoming Events
Employment Opportunities
Did You Know?
April Chapter 2013 Meeting
2013 Meeting Dates
Using Humor in Training
Meet April's Troupe


Dramatic Results Troop 1
The troupe consists of
Jackie Ferguson, trainer, columnist for the News-Press and singer; Keith Raygor, nationally-recognized magician based in Naples; Jim Griswold and Randi Watkins, both professional Improv performers and stage actors; and Anne Schroeder, management trainer and consultant, Improv performer and graduate of SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando. 

Click Here to visit their website homepage. 
March Chapter Meeting Recap


Being linked. Being connected. We strive for these things in our professional and personal lives. Social media has offered us many methods of doing so. Using LinkedIn to grow yourself and your business was the March chapter meeting topic.


Michelle Hudson, SWFL Social Media Club VP, joined us to share some tips and insights about how to make our site provide the value we need. With an audience of 172,800 new members each day, our focus needs to be communicating in a way that attracts our target audience.


March Meting 02  


The basics are the foundation of a great profile.

  • Does your photo look like you now? Do you look approachable to your target audience?
  • Are your updates providing value to your target audience? What do the topics you discuss or share say about you?
  • Let others work for you. Connect with those who will help spread your word.
  • Join groups that relate to who you are trying to cater to.
  • Only connect with people you feel comfortable with. Don't feel pressure to accept an invitation to connect with someone simply because he/she sends it. 

If you are still not getting what you need from your profile:

  • Consider a word/product/service you want to be known for. Search your page and see how many times you find that word. Add it or change the page to fit your need.
  • Be sure to add links to your personal or business LinkedIn page on the bottom of your emails or website.
Want to learn more about branding with social media?
Click Here to visit the SWFL Social Media chapter page.

Upcoming Events


Chapter Board Meeting at Cracker Barrel from 8:00am - 9:00am on Wednesday, April 3.  


Wednesday Coffee Social will be April 24th at Books-A-Million, off Colonial in Ft Myers.  Join us starting at 5:30 pm to socialize, discuss the most recent chapter meeting, or brainstorm on any topic you would like.  


May Chapter Monthly Meeting will be May 15th at Rasmussen College.

If the statement, "The Brain is not Designed for Instruction" is true then what is it designed for?  To answer that question, this highly interactive session will explore nine principles of brain-based teaching and learning, along with specific implications for training and trainers. Details and Registration.  


Tri-County Conference is Friday, May 17th at Holiday Inn Airport @ Town Center.  The theme this year is HR-Rocking and Rolling with the Changes.  Mark your calendars today!



Employment Opportunities

FGCU is looking for a Temporary Organization Development Coordinator.  This individual will be responsible to assist the OD team in the assessment, design and facilitation of current and new blended training programs. Click Here to learn more or apply!
Lee Memorial Health Systems Lee Memorial Health System is searching for a Clinical Educator to collaborate with other educators, Directors, Clinical and System Learning Specialists to design, develop, and facilitate appropriate learning solutions for identified needs considering different learning styles of staff. Click Here to learn more.

Chico's Logo
Chico's is searching for an Instructional Designer- 
E-Learning.  This individual will be responsible for the development of innovative and engaging online training content that incorporates mixed media such as graphics, animation, text, audio and video using a working knowledge of instructional design and development software tools and methodologies. 
Click Here to learn more. 

Did You Know?

will be held this year May 19-22 in Dallas, Texas. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from and share stories with Learning industry leaders. Pre-conference workshops and certifications available.  Click Here
to view event details.
We have a BOGO program for visitors.  Do you know someone who could really find value in our group, but wants to try it out first?  Members, utilize this program and provide that person with a free meeting and meal.  Click the link below for the BOGO ticket.  Members must be present to qualify. 


Charlie CarpenterThank you for reading and enjoying this month's newsletter.  Our chapter is vibrant and growing.  Attend a meeting and you will find it to be value adding.



Charlie Carpenter
ASTD SWFL - VP of Communications & Technology 

April 17, 2013
Chapter Meeting

Dramatic Results Presents - Training with a Twist

Magic of Civility



Be ready to laugh, learn and participate with a fast-paced, highly-interactive presentation by Dramatic Results, a theater-based training troupe. The troupe combines top professionals from the world of training, entertainment, speaking, Improv comedy and theater.


Their approach is based on research that demonstrates learning through laughter and roleplaying.  It provides a high level of retention among those striving to improve their skill sets. Knowledge becomes more deeply ingrained when the learning experience itself is more memorable.   


You'll experience an excerpt from their production Magic of Civility followed by a question-and-answer segment on using humor and magic in training.

The Magic of Civility provides detailed skills with a fresh perspective necessary to deal with incivility in the workplace. You'll discover:
  • The single human tendency that justifies someone's worst behavior - and how to avoid it!
  • How to quickly assess the uncivil environment, and your part in it.
  • The "5 Dramatic Results" skills for uncivil situations not worth your energy to address directly.
  • The "Get a Backbone" technique for those situations that require extra care and are worth your energy to address directly.

  Register Here Button  

Registration Closes at Midnight Monday April 15th.  


 When: April 17

11:30-1:00 pm  


Where: Rasmussen College

9160 Forum Corporate Parkway

Fort Myers, FL 33905



You can pay by credit card or choose to pay at the door.  We can only accept credit cards online.

Chapter ASTD Member
: $15 with lunch, $10 without lunch 

GUESTS or Non-Chapter Member: $20 (with or without lunch)

Student w/ID, Non Chapter Member: $10 (with or without lunch)

Student w/ID, Chapter Member: $5 (with or without lunch) 


Lunch is from Jason's Deli. 
Choose the type of Lunch that you would like to have from our menu listing when registering.  Choose no lunch if you are opting out.  Thanks! 

Cold Water will be provided for everyone.

Save the Dates 

2013 Monthly Chapter Meetings


January 16*

February 20*

March 20*

April 17*

May 15*

June 19*

July 17**

August 21**

September 18**

October 16**

November 13**

December 11 (Dinner)


* Rasmussen College

9160 Forum Corporate Parkway

Fort Myers, FL 33905


**Keiser University


Using Humor in Training
Laughter and Productivity
We have a page on the website dedicated to Using Humor in Training.

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