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Your Supply Chain
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Customers looking for leaner, greener packing
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In the Spring edition of the Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, P.C. (WEC)  Inventory Counts Manufacturing industry newsletter, you'll find information on plans for your supply chain in the event of an emergency, water conservation and much more!
Your Supply Chain
Do you have a plan in place if disaster strikes?
Globalizaton and lean manufacturing have made supply chain management more important than ever. It's crucial that materials and parts arrive when needed in  the manufacturing process so that you can fulfill orders and customer expectations. But because of the minimization of inventory, your company could be more vulnerable to disruption.

Most people don't like  to think about a catastrophe striking their business, so when things are running smoothly, it's tempting to put disruption planning on the back burner.
Unfortuntely, most disasters don't give advance notice, although today's more sophisticated weather tracking does give some warning.
Contact WEC today to speak with one of our Manufacturing & Wholesale Distribution experts and learn more about planning for disasters.
Water Conservation: It helps the evironment...and your bottom line
Ongoing droughts in the United States have diverted attention from energy concerns to another area of conservation - water.
Although manufacturing consumes only 5 percent of the water supply, according to the United States Geological Survey, companies are now actively embracing the goal of reducing, reusing and recycling water.
IBM, for example, has a goal of reducing water use by 2 percent annually. Ford Motor Co. aims to cut gallons per car by almost two-thirds over a five-year period. The water-intensive food processing industry has developed safe methods of reusing washing and cooking water or using steam instead of water.
 To learn more about how conserving water helps your bottom line, click here.
Customers looking for leaner, greener packaging
Packaging serves multiple functions. It protects your product during shipment and on the shelf, provides necessary information and promotes your product to your customers.
In recent years, because of an increased focus on sustainability, packaging also communicates your company's commitment to lean principles. How minimal your packaging can go depends, of course, on your product. But realize that many customers have wearied of tearing apart several layers to get to their purchase.
There is a general perception of wastefulness in such cases, with disposal of packaging into the waste stream a growing concern. And, less packaging and better packaging management generally mean cost savings for your company.

Going leaner in your packaging can take several approaches. The first is simply removing any unnecessary components. The beverage industry, for example, eliminated the rings on cans sold in cases. Rings are added as needed when cases are broken up for sale. Other companies have eliminated external cartons, replacing them with shrink wrap.

To find out more about leaner and greener packaging, click here.
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