Visit the newly remodeled "mobile-friendly" Complete Legal website! 

In October 2016, we will celebrate 15 years in business here at Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. We've traveled this long road with many of you, and we finally took time this summer to "look around the office," so to speak. We decided it was time for some remodeling and to give our website the overdue attention it needed.

The years have been challenging, and there have been many changes for you and for us. Our old website addressed the needs of the clients we originally served: plaintiff personal injury, criminal defense and family law attorneys. Over the years, however, we have expanded our service offerings to civil attorneys in commercial litigation, defense firms, estate and guardianship attorneys, as well as general and in-house counsel seeking extensive "due diligence" and research capabilities.

Our new website will explain the many benefits attorneys receive from partnering with Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. We have also made the website "mobile-friendly" for better access from smart phones and tablets.

While our client base has expanded, our services remain rooted in the same essential skill sets: interviews and research. Attorneys still need to know what a witness will say, and where to find him or her. You still need to know what kind of assets a potential defendant has that might justify litigation. You will always need information that was obtained legally and ethically, that will stand the scrutiny of the court and opposing counsel, and that will assist you in obtaining the best possible resolution for your clients.

At Complete Legal Investigations we remain committed to you, the trial attorney. Our remodeled website reflects our changing strategies and new services to better address your evolving needs. We invite you to take a look around the site and visit those pages related to your practice. If you have any questions about how a "Complete Legal" investigation can assist you and your clients, please give us a call. We would love to get better acquainted and to offer you any suggestions we might have to help you accomplish your objective.

To our old friends and clients, we extend the same invitation. You've been with us through the years, so come on in and check out the new furnishings! You're always welcome here. We appreciate your kindness to us over the years, and we will always be grateful for the opportunities you have given us to serve you and your clients.
Make it a great summer!

Mark and Wendy Murnan