Another year behind us, another before us.

Have the past twelve months been as hectic for you as they were for us? I write this annual letter to mark another anniversary for our company, Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., and I'm amazed at the speed with which the months went by.

I'm no economist (just ask my wife and partner!), but it seems that things are picking up, both for us and for you, our valued and honored clients. While the economy still seems sluggish and slow to advance, there is a perceptible air that people are either recovering, or simply adjusting to the new reality. I hope you are also sensing some improvement in your own practice. Rest assured that we are pressing forward, just as you are.

This year saw some great accomplishments for several of our clients: a family was recompensed for the loss of their daughter in a devastating accident several years ago; a client from West Africa was acquitted of conspiracy to sell contraband to a hostile foreign nation; another client saw his life sentence reduced to a dozen years in prison. But these accomplishments are also measured by loss: a grieving family, months and years spent in jail and prison, the course of lives changed forever. There is very little of a "win/win" in the legal profession.

Perhaps this is still what draws us to the legal field; it is the living drama and high comedy that unfolds before us every day in the files that lay upon our desks, and the interviews and investigations that those files encompass. The times are countless over the years I have said to Wendy, after reading an incident report or complaint, "You really can't make this stuff up!"

Yours is a profession of helping people; people who have been injured, or accused, or cheated. They may come to you through professional marketing pieces, through referrals from other professionals, or through word of mouth from family or friends. Whether you meet a new client for the first time in an upscale conference room or in an unassuming office, or even in the local Starbucks®, your job is first to resonate with your clients, to let them know that you care, and then that you are competent.

After thirteen years in business, and thirty years as professional investigators, we still count it an honor to work with each of you every day. Thank you again for your continued confidence in us, and we look forward, Lord willing, to continue providing you and your clients with confidence in your case.


The Complete Legal Team