February 2013

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"Silver Bullet" Employee Locator "New" Service with CASE STUDY
"Case Study" - Negligent Entrustment - Should You Let Your Kids Drive Your Car?

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March 6, 2013 - Palm Beach County Bar Association, Solo & Small Firm Luncheon; Website Marketing


April 14, 2013 - Palm Beach County Bar Association "Caribbean Beach Bash"; Singer Island Hilton - Sponsor


May 24, 2013 - Palm Beach County Bar Association, Solo & Small Firm Luncheon; An Exchange of Ideas from Colleagues on What Works and What Doesn't




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Our job is to provide you the information you need. Whether it's through our investigative services or through our informative newsletters, we want you to have the latest and current information. In this edition, we have addressed two subjects: A new service we are now providing, "Silver Bullet" Employee Locator Service with a CASE STUDY and A Case Study about Negligent Entrustment - Should You Let Your Kids Drive Your Car?

We want to write about topics that you can use in your day-to-day practice. Please e-mail us your topics of interest at

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"Case Study" and "New Service" "Silver Bullet" Employee Locator Service         


Are you looking for potential "silver bullet" witnesses? Former employees are a great source of information, providing insights into past liability issues, training deficiencies, management problems, and history of complaints. But how do you locate them? Begin your search by contacting the professionals at Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., and let us assist you with our "Silver Bullet" Employee Locator Service.


We have developed a comprehensive system to identify former employees, using a combination of proprietary databases, public records, and social networking searches. Utilizing a systematic search process, we can often locate current and former employees, providing you with names and even dates of birth and contact information for some. This will provide you with the specific information you need for your interrogatories and depositions.  


Large companies or small, it is difficult to keep employees from disclosing their employment or position with a company. In the proliferation of social media, people disclose their workplace, their position, their education, and sometimes even make comments about their working conditions. While some people are exercising more discretion in their online communication, many still continue to make potentially damaging comments without any effort to ensure their privacy settings are secure.  


Case Study: A client was trying to locate former employees of a national corporation operating several locations throughout South Florida. We were provided the employer's business name, entity-type (corporation, limited liability company, etc.), and the specific address. Through our systematic search, we identified... Read More




Case Study: Negligent Entrustment - Should You Let Your Kids Drive Your Car?


One of our clients needed to determine if the defendant driver's parents had knowledge of their son's extensive drug and alcohol use. The defendant had a lengthy history of DUIs and was driving a late model Jaguar registered to his father when he rear-ended the plaintiff at high speed exiting I-95. Establishing the father's knowledge of his son's addiction history was critical to adding him as a defendant to the suit.M


The defendant had appeared in court numerous times, and it seemed obvious that the father knew about his son's addictive behavior; however, establishing that with evidence was another matter. In his disposition the father denied knowing the extent of his son's addiction and behavior. Our task was to prove otherwise.  


We began by examining the defendant's criminal history at length. Several months prior to this crash, the defendant had appeared at a hearing for a DUI. The hearing had been recorded; we requested a copy of that hearing and had it transcribed. Contained within the transcript is an
... Read More 



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