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Westheimer Construction
US 59 Feeder Construction

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Upper Kirby Update

  August 29, 2014  
Upper Kirby Construction
Westheimer Utility Project Kirby to Buffalo to Finish this Week   



Paving, Drainage and  Streetscape



Utility Relocations: Kirby to Buffalo Speedway

Utility tie-ins connecting the new underground facilities with existing north/south feeds along Westheimer will be the final focus of this project. Crews will complete final tie-ins this weekend.Some final restoration and small side-street connections will remain next week, but as of August 30th, this project is expected to be substantially complete.

Upper Kirby sincerely thanks the businesses along this construction site for their patience and understanding during this important project as well as those patrons who spent a little extra time in traffic to support these unique local businesses.

Once utilities are relocated by the service providers to their new homes underground, drainage and roadway reconstruction can occur. The final phase of work will entail installation of new storm, sanitary and water infrastructure; the complete concrete reconstruction of the roadway, curb and gutter; and a complete pedestrian oriented streetscape installation. This phase is just beginning to the east from Kirby to Shepherd. Construction between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway will not begin until work to the east is complete. If all goes as planned, this section should begin reconstruction this time next year. 

Look for updates as work progresses on Westheimer to the east.


Drainage, Paving and Streetscape Improvements:
Shepherd to Kirby

Reytec Construction broke pavement at the Reba/Dickey intersection north of Westheimer yesterday in the first phase of drainage improvements that will take storm water from Westheimer into the Shepherd system.

Crews will work from Reba south to Westheimer installing a 4-foot by 6-foot storm drain to replace the 42-inch drain currently running under private properties just west of Dickey. 
Crews will only work in small sections beginning with the Reba intersection and working south to Westheimer. No two intersections will be impacted at one time, in fact, intersection work will be done alone and opened up prior the subsequent block being impacted. Neighborhood traffic will be detoured around work areas. This work will include new inlets at intersections and complete concrete restoration of the roadway. Driveways will be impacted as work moves down the street and will be restored with new concrete within the City right-of-way. 

The Upper Kirby District is coordinating this work with the City of Houston drainage and pavement reconstruction on Shepherd between Westheimer and Buffalo Bayou. The City began work between Avalon and Westheimer several weeks ago. While this will be the active construction zone for the next three to four months, motorists should expect lane closures along the full length of the project from the Bayou to Westheimer.

City contractors will be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on this section. They will install drainage improvements, water and sanitary as needed moving south from Avalon to Westheimer and East along Westheimer for about two blocks. During this time, traffic control will be established the length of the project on Shepherd and Westheimer. Motorists should expect to be down to one lane in either direction to pass through the construction area. The City has committed to clear the intersection as quickly as possible and restore traffic along Westheimer.

While the City is working in the intersection, Upper Kirby will remain clear of Westheimer and will focus on the primary outfall point for storm water along this section at Dickey Place. 

Once work on Dickey is complete, crews will demobilize for the time between Thanksgiving and January 2 in hopes that the City has also completed work through the Shepherd/Westheimer intersection and has opened Westheimer to unobstructed traffic flow for the holidays. City work will continue over the holidays north of the intersection but will observe Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Upper Kirby work will begin on Westheimer around January 2 working from Shepherd to Persa. Look for updates as the schedule evolves.


For more information on Upper Kirby construction and related activities or for construction related issues or concerns, please contact Travis Younkin at 713.524.8000 or travis@upperkirby.org.   

TxDOT Construction
Greenbriar/Shepher Inbound Exit Closed Through September 30


US 59 Frontage Road Reconstruction

TxDOT reconstruction of the frontage lanes, u-turns and intersection underpasses between 610 and Shepherd continued this week with work at the Weslayan intersection and the Shepherd intersection. 

Final work from the Greenbriar/Shepherd exit inbound through the Shepherd intersection has begun necessitating the closure of the inbound exit. Expect the Greenbriar/Shepherd exit to remain closed through the month of September while crews complete the Shepherd and then the Greenbriar intersections.

At Weslayan and US 59, crews began work on Weslayan through lanes. The intersection is being reconstructed in halves. As workers reconstruct the northbound lanes, through traffic in that direction will be prohibited. Crews will then switch to the southbound lanes. During that period, traffic will be detoured to their right along the feeder road where they can u-turn at the next frontage road intersection in order to return to Weslayan destinations.

The Shepherd intersection and underpass pavement reconstruction is sequenced a bit differently. As Shepherd is one-way, work here began with the western-most half of Shepherd under the freeway. Motorists attempting to continue through the underpass should expect delays as lanes are reduced through the intersection. Unlike Weslayan, this will not necessitate detouring traffic around the work area. The following phase will be the east side of Shepherd under the freeway followed by the frontage road and Shepherd right-turn quadrants at all four corners of the intersection. Once Weslayan and Shepherd are complete, crews will move intersection activities to Buffalo Speedway and Greenbriar.

Look for weekly updates as this project progresses.   


For a regularly updated list of lane closures and on and off-ramp closures, visit Houston Transtar here.    

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