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Upper Kirby Update 

July 12, 2013  

Upper Kirby Construction
Work Moves East of Kirby Intersection
Westheimer Reconstruction East
Project Boundaries



Paving, Drainage and  Streetscape Improvements Project: 


Overhead utility burial began Tuesday on Westheimer Road with the removal of the center median just east of Kirby Drive. It was necessary to remove this small section of median to allow for traffic to transition to the south side of Westheimer and around duct bank construction that is to begin at Argonne and proceed east to Shepherd.


Since Tuesday, the median has been removed and temporary pavement has been placed allowing traffic control to shift in its entirety to the east side of Kirby shortly. This will allow for excavation to begin between Argonne and Dickey Place next week.

Motorists should expect to be narrowed down to one lane in either direction for approximately 1000-feet on the south side of the roadway. This transition will begin just east of the Kirby intersection and will open back up just east of Dickey Place. Once the utility ducts have been placed, asphalt will be placed and work will move on to the next 1000 feet. Once work is complete on the north side of the roadway to Shepherd, crews will return to construct the final piece of duct bank on the south side of Westheimer between Kirby and Argonne.


Please look for further updates next week as sequencing details are finalized.


Once the underground duct banks are constructed, the roadway will be temporarily paved and striped allowing full vehicular access while CenterPoint and the telecommunications companies reconnect services underground. The duration of this reconnection work will be up to the utility providers though 45 to 90 days is typical.


While the various utility companies work to reconnect the eastern half of Westheimer, the Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority (UKRA) will aim to begin duct bank construction between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway. The UKRA expects to bid this western section of Westheimer later this summer.   


Once the utilities have been removed and the lines brought underground east of Kirby, Upper Kirby will move forward with drainage and underground infrastructure improvements followed by complete repaving of the roadway. The project will also entail the installation of a pedestrian-oriented streetscape similar to the treatment provided on the recent Kirby Drive and Buffalo Speedway projects. Roadway reconstruction is anticipated to begin in January 2014 and last approximately 10 months.


For more information on Upper Kirby construction and related activities or for construction related issues or concerns, please contact Travis Younkin at 713.524.8000 or travis@upperkirby.org. 


If you have a new business, development or community event that you would like included in the monthly Upper Kirby news, please contact us at 713.524.8000 or submit to streettalk@upperkirby.org
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