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Upper Kirby Update 

December 7, 2012  

Richmond Drainage Improvements:  
Work Continues Despite Sinkhole Found at Virginia

Richmond Construction 

The Richmond Avenue Drainage Improvements Project continues to move forward this week despite some unforeseen obstacles.

Concrete restoration did occur as planned this week at one driveway west of Virginia and at several locations on the north side of Richmond at Audley. Audley north of Richmond will be restored to full access next week.


Crews were also able to repair and restore the sink hole at the curbside lane just east of Virginia this week. Damage under the pavement was minor and caused by failing sub-surface material. No sign of erosion was present. This spot along the northern curb should be opened back up to traffic early next week. Only intersection pavement restoration at Lake, Virginia and Eastside remains to complete surface work on Richmond.

Waterline and storm inlet lead work has been ongoing at these intersections over the past several weeks and is also making headway. Eastside north of Richmond is now ready for pavement work. Crews expect to pour the north side of Eastside next week and move to the south side the following week.  Once chlorination is finished crews can make all connections and restore the pavement. Waterline connections still remain at Virginia as well prior to intersection pavement being placed. Crews are awaiting chlorination reports from the city before they can make these connections. The hope is to have this area poured over the next several weeks.

Storm inlet lead work has begun at Audley and will continue next week south of Richmond. This work also entails the installation of a large storm sewer manhole on the southwest side of the intersection. Crews discovered this week, however, that there is sanitary sewer in this area that is in poor condition and needs to be addressed while the roadway is disrupted. Project engineers are currently working to determine the least invasive way to repair the sanitary facilities. This area will likely not be completed before the holidays this month and will be restored with temporary material and opened over the break.


Inlet lead work crossing Richmond north to south at Lake is nearly complete and crews expect to begin restoration work at the Lake Street intersection next week.  

For more information on Upper Kirby construction projects and for issues and concerns as construction progresses, contact Travis Younkin at 713.524.8000 or email travis@upperkirby.org.

Westheimer Drainage Improvements and Streetscape Installation 


Design is now nearly complete on the Westheimer Paving, Drainage and Streetscape Improvements Project between Shepherd and Buffalo Speedway. This is the final piece of storm drainage work needed to complete the Kirby system.

Work on Westheimer will follow the scope of the Kirby Drive reconstruction project fairly closely. It will entail the burial of all overhead utility lines; new storm drainage, water and sanitary facilities; complete roadway repaving and the installation of a full pedestrian-oriented streetscape that will include pedestrian lighting and furniture, street tree installation and irrigation, brick paved crosswalks, widened sidewalks and upgraded traffic signal and streetlight standards.

The project will be implemented in two sections, the eastern phase will extend from Shepherd to Kirby Drive and the western phase will continue from Kirby to Buffalo Speedway. Each of these phases will be split into a utility relocation phase followed by a roadway, infrastructure and streetscape phase.

The project will likely begin at Shepherd where the contractor will be responsible for constructing the underground duct-banks that will house the existing overhead wires in the future. The contractor will then asphalt over the work area, re-stripe the roadway and remove all traffic control and equipment.

We will close out the contract at this point to avoid disruption to the traveling public and to the local businesses and property owners while we wait for Center Point and all telecommunication companies to transfer services to the new underground facilities and remove the wooden utility poles. Because the length of this process is uncertain, we have planned the project to pause and restore the roadway completely while the utility companies are completing their work. Once the terminal poles have been removed by Center Point, we will bid the roadway phase of the project and begin the reconstruction.

The first utility phase is planned to be bid in December to begin construction in January. Please look for further detail on the timing and implementation of this project as plans are finalized.

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