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Welcome to the Division of Health Care's Special Edition-March of the Home Health Agency Newsletter.  This newsletter is a valuable vehicle to keep you updated on current events affecting Home Health Agencies.  
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KARES Regulation Update
On March 15, 2016, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services withdrew 906 KAR 1:190E and 906 KAR 1:190.  This means that the requirement for mandatory participation in Kentucky's National Background Check Program (also referred to as KARES) is no longer in effect.  Although participation is no longer mandatory, eligible entities may participate in Kentucky's National Background Check Program voluntarily.  The cost for a state and national criminal background check facilitated under KARES remains $20 at this time.

To enroll in KARES voluntarily, please click the icon below and follow the self-directed enrollment process.   

For additional information about the program, please contact the help desk at (502) 564-2159 or via email.
OASIS Error Spotlight
-907 - One of the Most Common Fatal Errors

Duplicate Assessment: The submitted record is a duplicate of a previously accepted record.

The submitted record is a duplicate of a previously accepted record for this patient.

Duplicate records match on the following items:
* M0040-First (First name)
* M0040-Last (Last name)
* M0064 (Social Security Number)
* M0066 (Birth Date)
* M0069 (Gender)
* M0090 (Date Assessment Completed)
* M0100 (Reason For Assessment)

DO NOT resubmit an original after a modification. If the modification was in error, you must submit another modification to correct the error.

Determine why this record was submitted multiple times.
DO NOT resubmit this record as it is already in the database.

OASIS Submission User's Guide

Section 5 - "Error Messages" of the OASIS Submission User's Guide can be downloaded from this site.
OASIS Automation and Education Coordinator (OEC/OAC) Contacts
Jennifer Smith is Kentucky's OASIS Education Coordinator and will be available to assist with assessment or coding issues by phone at 502-564-7963, extension 3301 or via e-mail

For Transmission or Technical Issues:
Contact Rhonda Littleton-Roe at 502-564-7963, extension 3300 or [email protected].
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The Office of Inspector General is Kentucky's regulatory agency for licensing all health care, day care, long-term care facilities, and child adoption/child-placing agencies in the Commonwealth. 

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