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Want to Know the Top 10 Citations for Home Health Agencies?

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Top 10 Deficiencies Cited for Home Health Agencies 

Dare to Compare


CMS Announces Updated, Enhanced Tools for Patients to Compare Home Health Agencies

 Home Health Compare Updates

CMS Survey and Certification Group


Announcing the CMS, Center for Clinical Standards and Quality, Survey and Certification Group training site. The CMS training website allows providers to take courses that surveyors take. Click Here for a Tour!  

Deletion Requests

Deletion requests should be submitted if an assessment was incorrectly submitted when "Patient should be Private Pay" or "Patient does not meet Medicare eligibility requirements". The Deletion Request form can be obtained here.



For security purposes, the completed form should be placed in double-envelopes and sent via Certified Mail to the address below.


Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Office of Inspector General

Attn: Rhonda Littleton-Roe

275 E. Main St., 5 E-A

Frankfort, KY 40621  

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PBQI/ Process Measures

Home Health Quality Initiative 

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OASIS Downloads and Documents 

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CMS OASIS Regulations


Guidelines to Surveyors: HHA


Certificate of Need (CON)


Requirements for Issuance of CON


Revised Home Health Survey Protocols 


902 KAR 20:008. License Procedures and Fee Schedule


902 KAR 20:081. Operations and Services; Home Health Agencies


  Cabinet for Health & Family Services

Office of Inspector General

Division of Health Care

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 *Connie Payne, Deputy Inspector General

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E-mail Addresses Needed

So that we may deliver the best customer service, please ensure that the Division of Health Care has up to date contact information for your facility, including e-mail addresses. 


Please contact 502-564-7963 to provide this important information!

Welcome to the Division of Health Care's June issue of the Home Health Agency Newsletter.  This newsletter is a valuable vehicle to keep you updated on current events affecting Home Health Agencies.  
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New Inspector General Announced
Maryellen Buxton Mynear has been named the Inspector General for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. The appointment is effective June 1, 2014.

Mynear succeeds Mary Reinle Begley, who served as the cabinet's Inspector General until her appointment as commissioner of the Department for Behavioral Health Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities in October 2013. 

Connie Payne, who has served as acting Inspector General since Begley's departure, has been named deputy Inspector General. A 24-year veteran of Kentucky state government, Payne has been employed since 1995 by OIG, where she began working as a surveyor. She was appointed the regional program manager of the Lexington office in January 1996 and was named the director of health care for the OIG in February 2011.
New IDR Process - July 2, 2014
42 CFR Section 488.745
42 CFR 488.745 offers HHAs, upon their receipt of the official Form CMS-2567, the option to request an informal opportunity to dispute condition-level survey findings warranting a sanction.


The request for the Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) must be made within the same 10 calendar day period the facility has for submitting an acceptable plan of correction. Together with the written request for IDR, the facility must also submit documentation in support of the facility's position to refute the findings on Form CMS-2567. There is no five day extension to submit documentation.


Kentucky offers three types of IDRs: Desk, Teleconference and Face to Face Reviews.  The provisions for the IDR process will become effective on July 2, 2014.

Two-Day OASIS Data Collection Workshop

BindersThe link below will provide details on an upcoming OASIS Data Collection Workshop.


Blueprint for OASIS Accuracy 

07/22/14 - 07/23/14 

Louisville, KY


The Certificate for OASIS Specialist-Clinical (COS-C) exam will be administered the day following the Blueprint for OASIS Accuracy training.  Due to a delay in the implementation of OASIS C1, you can find updated information regarding the version of COS-C exam by visiting the OASIS Answers website.

OASIS Error Messages

+1000 Duplicate Assessment:  


The record submitted is a duplicate of a previously submitted record.

This record is a duplicate of a previously submitted record for this patient.

When every record in a file was rejected as a duplicate assessment, the SEND button may have been double clicked and the file was sent twice, very quickly.

The record was accidentally placed in a submission file after it had already been submitted, so it was sent twice in two separate files.

Check to see why this record was sent more than once.
DO NOT resubmit this record as it is already in the database.

CMS Medicare News 

CMS Banner Text

Attention: Effective January 1, 2015, OASIS assessment data will be submitted to CMS via the national OASIS Assessment Submission and Processing (ASAP) system.


Further details will be posted at the websites below when available.


Recent Survey and Certification Memos



Below you'll find links to survey and certification memos issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) pertaining to Home Health Agencies.  Please take a look and determine how these may impact your facility. 
OASIS CMS Quarterly Q&As

The CMS April 2014 Quarterly Q&As are

available via the OASIS Answers website link below. 


OASIS Answers   

Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) Training
CMS has developed OASIS-C web-based training modules which provide instruction to assist Home Health Agencies (HHAs) in accurately completing the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS).
OASIS Automation and Education Coordinator (OEC/OAC) Contacts

You may contact Jan Keeling with assessment or coding issues by phone at 502-564-7963,ext. 3301 or by e-mail at


You can contact Rhonda Littleton-Roe at 502-564-7963, extension 3300 or for any transmission or technical issues.

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We will never sell or disclose your information to third parties. 

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