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CMS 5-STAR Results


 October 2012 Results

To learn more about the 5-STAR program click the link ==>  Overview of CMS 5-STAR System  


CMS Announces Updated, Enhanced Tools for Patients to Compare Nursing Homes.  click link for details ==> Nursing Home Compare Updates  



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Unbridled Spirit

Issue: # 10-2012  

                 October 2012

Welcome to the Office of Inspector General, Division of Health Care's 
October 2012 edition of the Long Term Care Provider Newsletter.  This newsletter is a valuable vehicle to update you on current events affecting Long Term Care.  

Please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you think would benefit.  To continue receiving this newsletter, be sure to join our mailing list by clicking the link to the left of this article.  We look forward to serving you through this communication vehicle.


CMS Medicare News 

Recent Survey and Certification Letters


Below you'll find links to survey and certification letters issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) pertaining to Long Term Care facilities.  Please take a look and determine how these may impact your facility.
The following S&C memos were distributed this month:
To view previous S&C Memos click the link ==>  Survey & Certification Memos
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CMS thanks you for your patience as they worked on the issues regarding the CMSNet connection problems.  They have announced that providers no longer need to use the workaround to access CMSNet.  This workaround was previously posted on the QTSO website, but it has been removed since it is no longer needed.


A few providers are having an issue with what CMS refers to as "sticky pages."  Providers are getting "page cannot be displayed" errors after clicking on CASPER, QUMA or MDS3.0 submissions.  Work on this issue is ongoing. In many cases, refreshing the page (Crtl+F5) several times loads the requested page.  If these errors continue, please contact the QIES Helpdesk at 1-800-339-9313.

Restrain Me!
restaintsUsing Restraints in LTC Facilities
When the use of restraints is considered, thorough assessment of problems to be addressed by restraint use is necessary to determine reversible causes and contributing factors and to identify alternative methods of treating non-reversible issues. 
When the interdisciplinary team determines that the use of restraints is the appropriate course of action, ......Click Here to Read More 
@ttention Providers!
E-mailE-mail Addresses Needed

So that we may deliver the best customer service, please ensure that the Division of Health Care has up to date contact information for your facility, including e-mail addresses.  Please contact 502-564-7963 to provide this important information!


Passing the Baton!
TransitionKentucky Transitions Program
Kentucky Transitions is a program that utilizes the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Money Follows the Person demonstration Grant.  The Grant is designed to assist Medicaid members who are currently residing in nursing homes and ICF/MR's to transition back into the community. 

Kentucky Transitions is designed to create transition opportunities for five identified population groups:  the elderly, the physically disabled, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, individuals with a primary diagnosis of mental illness, and individuals with acquired brain injuries.

Click Here to Learn More about the Kentucky Transitions Program. 
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