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The Location Portal eNewsletterOctober 2016
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Welcome to The Location Portal, setting the standard in connecting premier office properties to the film industry. Check out our user-friendly website at and see our featured properties below. 

Location Professionals:  Let us know your location requirements. The Location Portal has relationships with virtually every commercial office building management team in the Los Angeles 30-mile studio zone. We  will find what you are looking for and ensure your filming experience runs smoothly.

Commercial Property Owners/Managers:  We would love to include your film-friendly property(ies) in our library for promotion to the film industry. The Location Portal provides a full service approach - from marketing to the initial scout to contract negotiation to production oversight and close out. 

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Featured Production: Ally Bank @ 5551 East Katella
Thanks to O Positive, Jones Lang LaSalle, Nick Morley and Brittany Wolk for making this  Ally Bank Commercial happen, horses and all.

Ally Bank Commercial
Ally Bank Commercial

   Featured Property: 10900 Wilshire
The Location Portal proudly features 10900 Wilshire, a 17-story red brick office building located in Westwood. Features outdoor patio with seating areas; contemporary lobby with hardwood floors; multiple modern and traditional vacant offices with conference rooms, executive offices, cubicles; parking garage with valet; rooftop with helipad. Click on photos for more details about this property.
 Featured Property: Howard Hughes Tower
The Location Portal is pleased to present the film-friendly Howard Hughes Tower, a 16-story steel and glass building in a campus setting in Culver City. Features elegant marble lobby with floor-to-ceiling windows; lushly landscaped grounds with seating areas; vacant offices with cubicles and conference room; parking structure with circular drive; rooftop with helipad. Click on photos for more details about this property.

 Featured Property: Lakeview Corporate Center
The Location Portal is pleased to present the film-friendly Lakeview Corporate Center, a 2-story modern granite and glass building set on 22 acres in Thousand Oaks. Features spacious 2-story lobby and atrium with staircase; vacant offices with suburban views; long corridors with adjacent glass offices; server room; dressed offices with conference room; dressed cafeteria and fitness center; base camp and crew parking onsite. Click on photos for more details about this property.

   Featured Property: Bradbury
Bradbury is a 5-story stone and brick 1893 Historic masterpiece located in Downtown Los Angeles. Features 5-story lobby/court with glazed brick walls and skylight; Belgian marble lobby/court flooring; cast iron stairs and elevators; 'creepy' basement; ground floor space with hardwood floors; vacant offices with cubicles and fireplace. Click on photos for more details about this property.  
Yes, We Have Weekday Restaurants!
Our Search by Categories option on The Location Portal website is designed to make life easier for production.  All our locations' filmable areas are broken down by type and easily searched by photo. Whatever you're looking for - restaurants, fountains, rooftops, pools, dressed offices, conference rooms, helipads, cubicles, escalators, lobbies you can film in during the week, plazas, banks, atriums, lofts, parking structures, revolving doors, parks - we've made it simple for you to find in our location library. Click here to see our Search by Category option.
Welcome to The Location Portal
Welcome to The Portal!

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