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The Location Portal eAlertNovember 16, 2015
Looking for an office building or other type of filming location?  Look no further!  See our featured properties below and visit our user-friendly website at  Feel free to contact me directly at (818) 312-5798 or email [email protected] and let me know your location requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Featured Property: Interior Design Office
The Location Portal is pleased to bring to you the film-friendly Interior Design Office, contemporary ground floor dressed offices in Santa Monica. Features striking reception with multiple seating areas; large executive office with kitchen; elegant, modern conference room and more. Click on photos for more details about this property.

Featured Property: Water Garden
Welcome to Water Garden, a Class A commercial office complex located on 17 acres in Santa Monica. Features six 6-story and two 5-story modern granite and glass buildings; grand 2 story marble lobby with seating areas; expansive grounds with fountains, lakes, patios and seating areas; modern offices with cubicles, conference room, glass offices; underground 3-level parking structure. Click on photos for more details about this property.   
 Featured Property: Engine Co. No. 28
Engine Co. No. 28 is a 4-story Historic fire station turned office building located in Downtown Los Angeles. Features street level dual archways; dressed restaurant on ground level with mahogany booths, granite bar; fitness center on basement level; dressed offices with glass conference rooms, cubicles, interconnecting stair and more. Click on photos for more details about this property.
Featured Property: Church of the Chimes
We are proud to present Church of the Chimes, a church, school and administrative residence located in Sherman Oaks. Features landscaped grounds with walkways and pool; 600-Seat and 125-seat Chapels; school with classrooms, auditorium and kitchen; administrative residence with dressed offices and living room; ample surface lot parking for base camp or crew parking. Click on photos for more details about this property. 
Yes, We Have Lofts!
Our Search by Categories option on The Location Portal website is designed to make life easier for production.  All our locations' filmable areas are broken down by type and easily searched by photo. Whatever you're looking for - lofts, theatres, office buildings, schools, gyms, parking structures, break rooms, atriums, fountains, bars, server rooms, mechanical rooms, restaurants, helipads, cafeterias, plazas, banks, cubicles, conference rooms, dressed offices, escalators, revolving doors, parks, lobbies you can shoot in during the week - we've made it simple for you to find in our location library. Click here to see our Search by Category option.

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