Dear Friends of Camp for All Kids,
We hope you received our recent letter telling you about Brenna and how camp impacted her life and made her, in her own words, a better person and student. As you consider your year-end giving, please remember Brenna and the more than 1,000 kids who share similar camp stories because of Camp for All Kids. 
Thank you for your love of camp and for helping us make experiences like Brenna's a reality for kids each summer. 
Brenna had the opportunity to attend overnight camp for five consecutive summers because she received a Camp for All Kids campership. Your support of Camp for All Kids enabled Brenna and 71 other boys and girls from inner-city schools in Chicago, Cleveland and St. Louis to attend one of our partner camps last summer. That's 72 deserving children whose lives will forever be changed because they experienced the transformational magic that happens at camp.

Because each Camp for All Kids campership is automatically renewed, these kids are able to return summer after summer, strengthen the bonds of friendships formed in previous years, and develop teamwork and leadership abilities that are only learned through consecutive summer camp experiences. Plus, they can just be kids in a safe, nurturing environment.

Like no other youth activity, camp has the ability to shape life-long attitudes and behaviors. It is a place where children are treated as individuals, not as stereotypes, where campers are judged by their actions, not by their appearance.

If you went to camp, or love someone who did, you know that your gift can be life-changing. Help send more kids to camp in 2016 and beyond. Please donate what you can today

P.S. Please consider talking with your friends and former cabinmates about joining together to sponsor a camper for $3,800.

Our Camp Partners
Camp for All Kids is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We partner with Camp Birch Trail, Camp Kamaji, Chippewa Ranch Camp, North Star Camp and Camp Timberlane. Our campers come from elementary and middle schools in Chicago, Cleveland and St. Louis. To learn more, visit