Dear Friends of Camp for All Kids,
We hope you received our recent letter in your mailbox telling the stories of Jeremy and Allyson and how camp impacted their lives and helped shape them into the successful young adults they are today. As you finish up your end-of-year giving, we hope you'll remember Jeremy and Allyson and the more than 1,000 kids who share similar camp stories. Thank you for your love of camp and for helping make experiences like this a reality for kids each summer. 
Jeremy received a Camp for All Kids campership for seven years at Camp Timberlane. Now a counselor, he recently completed his 12th summer at camp and is attending the University of Missouri where he is majoring in sociology. He's looking forward to another wonderful summer at camp.

Allyson spent nine years at Birch Trail Camp after beginning as a campership recipient in 2005. She loves camp because it's a place where kids learn to respect nature and others. Today she is studying Criminal Justice at Hampton University, and volunteering with organizations that help young children.

Without the ability to attend camp, Jeremy and Allyson's paths may have been very different. Like no other youth activity, camp has the ability to shape life-long attitudes and behaviors. It is a place where children are treated as individuals, not as stereotypes; where campers are judged by their actions, not by their appearance.

For economically-challenged families, however, camp is not a possibility. They want the best for their children, but simply do not have the resources to send them to camp. That's where Camp for All Kids steps in. Thanks to support from alumni, parents, and friends like you, Camp for All Kids provides renewable camp scholarships to campers like Jeremy and Allyson. More than 1,000 boys and girls have benefited from this opportunity since Camp for All Kids was founded 23 years ago.

Last year, 60 boys and girls from our partner schools in Chicago, Cleveland, and St. Louis attended one of our partner camps - Birch Trail Camp, Chippewa Ranch Camp, Camp Kamaji, Camp Timberlane, and North Star Camp. That's 60 kids whose lives will forever be changed because they experienced the transformation magic that happens away from the city at camp.

And since Camp for All Kids scholarships are renewable, kids are able to return to camp year after year until they age out of the program. Camp turns kids like Jeremy and Allyson into confident young adults. Some become counselors, giving back to camp and helping guide the next generation of campers. But what's most satisfying is that our campership recipients continue to succeed after camp. They attend college. They join the workforce. They serve our communities as citizens and leaders.

If you went to camp, or love someone who did, you know that your gift can be life-changing. Help us send more kids to camp in 2015 and beyond. By contributing to Camp for All Kids, you can make an undeniable and direct impact on this next generation of campers. Please donate what you can today

P.S. Please consider talking with your friends and former cabinmates about joining together to sponsor a camper for $3,800.

Camp for All Kids is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We partner with Camp Birch Trail, Camp Kamaji, Chippewa Ranch Camp, North Star Camp and Camp Timberlane. Our campers come from elementary and middle schools in Chicago, Cleveland and St. Louis. To learn more, visit