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SEDA-COG primarily
serves the 11 Central Pennsylvania counties of Centre, Clinton, Columbia, Juniata, Lycoming, Mifflin, Montour, Northumberland, Perry, Snyder, and Union.




Historic Factoid

1995 - The Nonprofit Assistance Center is established at SEDA-COG to assist nonprofit organizations in developing their fund raising and management capacity.  Initial funding was provided through a grant awarded jointly to SEDA-COG and United Way of Pennsylvania. After several years, funding for NAC activities was no longer available.  





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Where will the Internet take us in the next 25 years?


Think higher-speed data, streaming 4K video and an Internet that is everywhere we go from our phones, to our televisions to our appliances to even our clothing. With all that connectivity, our refrigerators can tell us when we run out of milk by alerting our phones and our clothes can keep tabs on our vital signs and even our location.


 Happy Birthday
World Wide Web!

Brett Larson








SEDA-COG is a publicly funded development organization based in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and serving an 11-county region. We help the counties ─ and the communities and citizens within them ─ address challenges related to their economies and infrastructure, and we assist them in responding to new opportunities in such areas as energy, technology, market development, transportation, and locally-based resources.
Free Online Computer Training is Offered
Technology surrounds us at home, work, and school.  We do our taxes online, shop for clothes, and view our medical records.  But technology
OBTT offers free, online training in computers and technology.
constantly changes.  When programs you've become familiar with are updated, how do you keep up, let alone learn new ones? 
OBTT may be the answer ─ Online Broadband & Technology Training offered, at no cost, through SEDA-COG.  There are hundreds of choices including Microsoft programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, plus courses in graphics, project management, business and professional skills, and design.   
According to Jim Baker, SEDA-COG's Chief of Information Technology, "Many of the courses were selected for small business, local government, and non-profit groups.  But almost anyone who wants to professionally or personally advance will find something of value, and it won't cost a thing."  Technology training through OBTT is available to residents of SEDA-COG's 11 member counties, as well as those living in Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, and York counties.

To get started, visit the web site and register.  After the registration is processed, a temporary password will be e-mailed to you - a process which may take 24-48 hours.  Once an individual is registered, they will have access to all the courses, which are organized in 13 categories. 
Registered users of OBTT will also have access to Books24x7, which includes thousands of short videos on various aspects of computer use.  Many relate to social media, while others are more technical, e.g., website development, software practices.
Funding for OBTT has been provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.  The program is managed through the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission and Pennsylvania's network of Local Development Districts, which includes SEDA-COG.

For more information, call Jim Baker at 570-524-4491 or e-mail 

Railroad News around the Region: 
Bridge Projects and Rail Excursions 


Bridge Restoration Projects


Nine of the highest priority bridges in the SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority's (JRA) system will be restored with a grant from the Pennsylvania Rail Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP).  The JRA has been awarded
$1.8 million, which it will match with $768,000.


This restored bridge on the Nittany and Bald Eagle line illustrates the type of projects planned under the JRA's bridge restoration project.

Click here for a list and map of the projects


According to Jeff Stover, Executive Director, JRA, "Completion of these nine rehabilitation projects will positively affect every customer on the Authority's rail lines."


A total of 33 rail freight infrastructure projects were announced by the state, including two additional projects which will impact the JRA.  South Avis Realty was awarded $2.5 million to reconstruct its rail yard in Clinton County and construct additional track.  The rail yard is served by the JRA's Lycoming Valley Railroad, which is operated by the North Shore Railroad Co.  In addition, $250,000 was awarded to North Shore for the first of two phases involving the construction of 1,500 feet of new track in its Northumberland rail yard.


Rail Excursions are Scheduled


Sixty rail excursions will be held in Central Pennsylvania this year, beginning May 24 in Shamokin and concluding December 21 in Bellefonte.  Excursions will also be offered in Bloomsburg, Catawissa, Danville, Lock Haven, Sunbury, and Williamsport.


Click here for the entire schedule


Excursions are a combined effort of local organizations; the JRA, which provides passenger insurance and owns the track on which the excursions run; North Shore, which donates locomotive service; and Penn Valley Railroad LLC, which rents out vintage rail coaches and a caboose for the trips, and provides on-board entertainment and other services.


Jerry Walls, Chairman, JRA, commented on the "...inestimable value..." of the excursions.  "They really put our best foot forward, illustrating the breadth and quality of rail service in our region.  While the general public has little direct interaction with the region's short line system, rail excursions are something everyone can relate to and get a sense of the important role that railroads play."


Read more about rail excursions. View photos on Facebook. Learn more about the SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority.

Regional Firms Nominated for State Award


Twenty-five companies in Central Pennsylvania are finalists for Governor's Impact Awards, which recognize companies and individuals who are investing in Pennsylvania and creating jobs.  A total of 43 firms in the region were initially nominated.  Central Region PREP (Partners for Regional Economic Performance) then reduced that group to 25 finalists.


Each of Pennsylvania's ten PREP networks was able to select up to five finalists in each of the five Impact

The Governor's Impact Awards were established in 2013.

Award categories.  The five categories and regional finalists include:


Community Impact
* Larson Design Group
* PPL Corporation
* Webster's Bookstore and Café
* Sire Advertising
* Brodart


Entrepreneur Impact
* Douglas Michael, Columbia County Bread and Granola
* Jessica Grill, Pompeii Street Soap Company
* Todd Erdley, Videon Central, Inc.
* Don Heaney, Advanced Powder Products
* Brian Hoopsick, PSR, Inc.


Export Impact
* Arcos Industries
* Wheeland Lumber Co.
* G & B Specialties, Inc.
* AcousticSheep
* Silco Tek


Jobs First
* Nittany Paper Mills, Inc.
* Stahl Sheaffer Engineering
* Mission Critical Partners, Inc.
* Publishers Service Associates
* Benton Foundry, Inc.


Small Business
* Rich Coast Corporation
* North Shore Railroad Company
* Danville Pharmacy
* Transport Designs, Inc.
* Discovery Machine, Inc.


Central Region PREP will have one winner in each of the categories.  Winners will be announced on May 30.


Read more about the nominees. Learn more about Central Region PREP. 

Financing News . . . 


The Small Business Administration (SBA) has completed the financing of a $248,955 SBA 504 loan for construction of the Adamson Funeral Home, a 7,300 sq. ft. facility in Dubois, Clearfield County.  In addition to the SBA 504 loan, financing was provided through company equity and Northwest Savings Bank.  The SBA loan was approved by the SEDA-COG Local Development Corporation (LDC) before submission to SBA for final action.  As a result of the project the company expects to create two full-time and three part-time jobs over the next two years.


$   $   $


SBA has also completed the financing of a $551,250 SBA 504 loan for the expansion of Sky King Fireworks, one of America's largest fireworks retailers. The company has constructed a new 6,900 sq. ft. building in Franklin County.  Bank financing and cash equity completed the financing.  The SBA loan was approved by the SEDA-COG LDC before submission to SBA for final action.  As a result of the project, four new jobs are expected.  Sky King currently has 18 locations throughout Florida, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.


For more information on SEDA-COG's SBA 504 program e-mail John Reichard or call 570-524-4491, ext. 7251.  Click here to learn more about our Business Development Financing program. 

Byte-sized News . . .


The Susquehanna Greenway Bicycle & River Fest happens Saturday, May 10 in South Williamsport.  Special events include a bike derby and scavenger hunt for kids.  There'll also be live music, healthy food, and prizes.


#   #   #


Planning organizations representing nine Central Pennsylvania counties are looking for public comment on the transit plan for human services in the region.  The draft plan identifies unmet transportation needs and strategies to meet those needs.  The public comment period ends April 14.


#   #   #


The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency has approved $545,000 in tax credits for Grove Street Commons, a 32-unit apartment building for the elderly that we're developing in Williamsport.


#   #   #


The National Association of Counties (NACo)National Association of Counties (NACo) has selected SEDA-COG as the subject for a case study, to be presented at NACo's 79th Annual conference this summer.  Two organizations were chosen.  The case study is being prepared by the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas.

Upcoming Events & Activities

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Government Contracting Seminars
Chambersburg ─ June 5
Gettysburg ─ May 6
Harrisburg ─ Apr. 16 & 23; May 8, 21, & 28;
                   June 12, 18, & 25

Lewistown ─ May 20
Lock Haven ─ May 13
Williamsport ─ April 15; June 30
York ─ April 29; June 10

Roadway Maintenance & Safety Training for Municipalities
Bloomsburg ─ May 15
Lewisburg ─ Apr. 24; May 7; June 12

Northumberland ─ May 14
State College ─ Apr. 17

Traffic Sign Assessment & Inventory Workshop
Danville ─ May 8

SEDA-COG Board of Directors
Lewisburg ─ April 23; May 28

SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority
Lewisburg ─ May 14

SEDA-COG Metropolitan Planning Organization
Lewisburg ─ May 2 & 30 

For further information or questions about The SEDA-COG Report, e-mail Steve Kusheloff, Manager, Public Information, or call 570-524-4491, ext. 7217.