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 February 2013  

Welcome to our newsletter...

which covers employee engagement, business growth, Coachwales  and our own latest ILM coaching and mentoring programme. We hope you enjoy a quick read. 
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Mark & Sara  

Employee engagement...

a hot topic at the moment. This is because of pay freezes, redundancies, insecurities and having to do more with less, Mark Sykes and Sara Lodge photo there's the real danger of employees feeling undervalued and under pressure, which can lead to falling morale and motivation.

 One problem is that many managers believe money is the main motivator when that isn't the case. The December 17th 2012 edition of the HR Daily Advisor e-newsletter, 'Employers think it's all about the money (employees disagree)', demonstrated this clearly. It cites a study by the Labor Relations Institute of NY where what managers felt their employees most valued was compared with what employees said they most valued.


What managers felt employees most valued (in order)
1. Good wages   2. Job security   3. Promotion and growth
4. Good working conditions   5. Interesting work   6. Personal loyalty to workers   7. Tactful discipline
8. Appreciation for work done   9. Sympathetic help with personal problems   10. Feeling "in" on things

What employees most valued (in order)
1. Appreciation for work done   2. Feeling "in" on things   3. Sympathetic help with personal problems
4. Job security   5. Good wages   6. Interesting work   7. Personal loyalty to workers
8. Promotion and growth   9. Good working conditions  10.  Tactful discipline 

Interestingly, the three factors the managers ranked bottom were the top three on the employees' list! The good news is that the things that employees most value are low cost and easy to do. For more details of the ways we've been working with our clients to help improve employee engagement go to

  Engagement cartoon S. Lodge  

Accelerating growth...

The desperate need for growth in the economy is being addressed in England through a government initiative, the GrowthAccelerator, a project designed to help businesses achieve growth. Sara and Mark attended a joint breakfast event on February 5th run by GrowthAccelerator and North West Insider - 'Business Growth Secrets to be revealed' - which gave fascinating insights into how fast-growing businesses had achieved their success.


These included a consistent message from all the businesses taking part - the human resource is the hardest to find and manage but the most important. Other points included:

  •  Good managers can turn around a failing business but bad managers can ruin a successful one, so recruit high- quality people with the right values.
    The Care Cycle graphic
    The Care Cycle
  • Don't be frightened not to be the most talented person on the team - surround yourself with people that complement your weaknesses.
  • Don't buy what you don't need and keep overheads low - no big offices or cars - be prudent.
  •  Re employees: trust, empower, check, and follow the care cycle. 

For more information about GrowthAccelerator, go to


For more information about North West Insider and upcoming events go to


The first cohorts of the Coachwales initiative in Wales finished in December 2012, and students from the first two cohorts had nothing but positive things to say. Caroline Evans, owner/manager of Plas Gwyfryn Country House, said, "I was bogged down with the things that don't make money - now I focus on my business strategy."
Mike Paramore, Head of Staff and Quality Development for Cartrefi Cymru Cyf, states, "Like many businesses we face the challenge of delivering the same standard of service in difficult times. The only way to do this is through switched-on managers, and coaching is the way forwards." The next programme starts on February 28th in Bangor; for more details go to or email

Coachwales Cohort Dec12 photo
(LtoR) Caroline Evans, owner/manager of Plas Gwyfryn Country House; Mark Bryant, Operations Director, Tempo; Karen Parker, Regional Membership Manager, Rank Group PLC; Mike Paramore, Head of Staff and Quality Development for Cartrefi Cymru Cyf; Sara Lodge, programme facilitator, Sandy Williams, Social Enterprise Officer for Denbighshire Volunteer Services Council; John Frodsham, Technical Training Engineer, UPM Shotton; Melanie Sinclair, Director of West Flintshire Community Enterprise.
Mark has been...

...part of a panel judging apprentices for the National Nuclear Skills Awards 2013. The Nuclear Skills Awards are designed to showcase the best practice in nuclear skills development and Mark was chosen because of Beehive's involvement in the nuclear sector. The prizes will be presented at the Nuclear Skills Award Dinner in Manchester on March 14th.

Beehive ILM 5 & 7

accredited 'Coaching and Mentoring for Management' 

Beehive are running their next ILM accredited 'Coaching and Mentoring for Management' programme in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport, starting on March 25/26th 2013.

ILM qualifications changed in August 2012 and Beehive's new programme is accredited at level 5 with an option to continue to level 7.

Discounts are available for all members of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce or any organisation with IiP status or working towards IiP, and an early-bird discount of 10% is available for those booking before March 1st. For more details contact us on or download an info pack from the website

Sara has been...
...a member of an expert panel providing advice to a growing business as part of North West Insider's 'The Verdict' series. IRIS Ticketing's managing director, Mark Dewell, was looking for advice on how to break into a new market, and Sara, along with Chris Maguire, editor of North West Insider, Jonathan Turchner from Arts and Business, Tony O'Neill from Liverpool Vision and Paul Raftery from Weightmans, provided support and ideas. For the full verdict see the March edition of North West Insider 
Chwarae Teg graduation photo
Sara presenting graduation certificates to successful graduates of the Chwarae Teg initiative at their Christmas dinner where she was keynote speaker. Chwarae Teg is the leading agency for the professional development of Women in Wales.

As always, our business is enhanced by recommendations made by you on our behalf. We are always grateful for these recommendations and would like to extend the offer of a complimentary workshop or coaching session for any successful introductions made.


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