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Did you know, the most effective exercise programs for weight loss combine cardiovascular exercise and weight training? Often when people are trying to lose weight they think all they need to do is more "cardio" exercises. However, regular wight training (with a proper diet) can help to develop more lean muscle which is your bodies fat burning machines! 
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Located within our Rotterdam/Guilderland office is Hand Therapy at Guilderland. Sheryl Sturn OTR/L, CHT is available for all hand therapy needs.
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Is P90X Right for Me? 



     Many of you have probably seen the infomercial of a fit, muscular man named Tony Horton waxing poetically about his exercise program called P90X. For those of you who do not know what this program is let me explain. P90X is a 90 day, structured exercise program where you workout along with videos 6 days a week in the comfort of your own home. There is also a nutrition plan. The exercises vary from day to day and use such equipment as pull up bars, push up bars, weights and resistance bands. The infomercial show pictures of people before and after they started the program and for some, the transformation is incredible! I can speak to the benefits of this program having done it twice and losing 15 pounds in the process. However, I can also see why I am treating more and more people with P90X related injuries. Some of the exercises are quite difficult for experienced exercisers let alone beginners. Also, some people let their ego get in the way  and do not stop when they are tired or using poor form. They try to keep pace with the people in the video. This is not a realistic goal for first timers. Now, in Tony's defense he does show ways to modify the exercises and encourages people to stop if necessary. However, since you are watching a video there is no way to know if your form is correct 100% of the time because no one else is watching you. Working out with a partner may help.

My advice for most people is to review all the DVD's first and watch for any exercises that you feel may be too difficult for you and make note of the modified versions that Tony mentions. Also expect to be sore the first 2 weeks so do not go too hard too early. I feel that P90X is an excellent training program for experienced exercisers. Beginners will benefit from this program if they start slow and are very careful about there form and listening to their bodies. 

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             Tip of the Month
         How To Modify P90X Exercises

Many of the exercises in the P90X DVD's can be safely performed with modifications. For example, if you have never been able to do a pull up or chin up because of upper extremity weakness or shoulder injuries then do not attempt it . Start by using the resistance bands that are recommended. As you get stronger you may be able to use a pull up bar while keeping one foot on a chair or stool to assist with lifting the weight of y

Resistance Band Pull Ups
our body.

Push-ups can be very difficult for beginners when done with poor form.
Modifications include doing them from a kneeling position or standing using a counter top. Variations of hand placement can increase the difficulty of this exercise. 
Modified Push Up