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June 2013
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Changing Times
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President's Message
Juanita Davies      
Juanita Davies


Thanks to all of you who made the 2012-2013 season a great year for our APT NY Metro chapter!


We can look back at the many things we accomplished together. I am particularly pleased that we were an integral part of bringing an MBTIŽ Step III certification program to New York City in October! We upgraded our website and plan to offer a Membership Directory for chapter members, to provide easy access to the wealth of experienced resources in our group. We also had  

a year of diverse and interesting Type related programs.    


As we close out this program year, most of you know that I have made the decision to step down as Chapter President. This was not an easy decision but it was the right one for me at this time.  As President I had the valuable experience of serving with a team of talented professionals on the Board who worked together to bring you their best. I also got better acquainted with some of our chapter members and learned what a unique and gifted group we have! 


 I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. I value the time I spent leading this chapter and I know I leave it in the capable hand of our new team. I will continue to be an active participant as an advisor to the board and look forward to seeing you at future chapter events.

 Have a wonderful, relaxing summer and take some time to appreciate the people in your life. I appreciate all of you and look forward to seeing you in the fall.


All the best, Juanita  


Juanita Davies is a certified MBTIŽ practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the field of Organizational & Professional Development. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, school districts and organizations throughout the country. She has served on the APTNYC Board since 2007. 
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 The entire board looks forward to meeting you at an upcoming APT New York Metro event.

There is Still Time to Register for the APTi Conference!
The APTi Annual Conference is being held on July 10th - 14th 2013 at the Hyatt Regency in Miami Florida. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear from some great speakers and network with other Type enthusiasts!

To learn more about the conference sessions, special events or to see a conference brochure, pleas go to:
APTi Conference Information

Cost for the conference is $695.00 for APTi members and $795.00 for non-members.
There are three ways to register:

1. Register online at:
 APTi Conference Registration
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2. Call APTi at  805-523-2907

3.Use this link to email APTi  emailAPTi


Summer is a time to relax and be refreshed and that is  what will be happening with the APT New York Metro Chapter in the coming months. Our newly elected, re-organized slate of officers will be meeting over the summer to discuss ways to best serve our members and to plan a variety of great programs.  As the seasons change, our APT New York Metro chapter has much to offer. Watch for our e-mail notice and stay informed about chapter news and events.  To learn more about the New York Chapter of the Association for Psychological Type, visit us  at  and join us at LinkedIn.  

Changing Times
APT New York Metro 2012-2013 Board of Directors
Camille Rinato
This coming year the APT New York Metro Board is taking on a new look. For the past several years, the board defined specific roles for every board member. In the 2013 -2014 season, we've decided to go with a more flexible structure while still complying with the APTi requirement that dedicated members serve as President and Treasurer. Together our board will work collaboratively to continue to bring you a high level of programs and services.

Congratulations to the members of the 2013-2014 Board of Directors who have stepped forward to lead the Chapter.  Please join us in wishing them a very successful and rewarding Chapter term.

Tanya Straker
Co-President: Cynthia Sefton
Treasurer: Skita Mohan
Board Member: Iris Jacobs
Board Member: Bruce Cohen
Board Member: Mal Vance
Board Member: Susanne Vorster
Board Member: Chandra Travis


The Chapter is most grateful to the entire 2012-2013 Board team for their contributions over this past year, including outgoing President Juanita Davies, Kathleen Murphy, Mark Applewhite, Len Gomberg, Sandy Fischman, Dianna Samuelson, and Harry Dellane. We appreciate the support of Nominations Committee members including Juanita Davies and Camille Rinato.

Camille Rinato manages strategic communications and change bringing expertise in financial services, internal communications, organizational change and effectiveness and is certified in Project Management, Six Sigma, Mediation (Dispute Resolution), and MBTIŽ. Contact her at

A Visit with Katharine Myers
Juanita Davies
Katharine Myers This spring I had the pleasure of spending a weekend in the company of Katharine Myers and Shoya Zichy. Shoya is one of the founding members of our chapter and Katharine Myers is  the daughter-in-law of Isabel Myers. When asked how I enjoyed the weekend my answer was that I felt like a music student visiting with Beethoven! Katharine has made a personal commitment to continue the work of Isabel Myers and it is fascinating to listen to her talk about the development of her interest in MBTIŽ. She is also a warm, lovely person and it's fun to be with her!

Katharine talked about her first experience with MBTIŽ when Isabel Myers administered the instrument to  Katharine's 11th grade class. She described her discussion with Isabel as  a life-changing experience when she learned that her preference for introversion was OK and that she had the freedom to be herself!

More recently, Katharine has been championing the use of MBTIŽ Step III™. During my time with Katharine and Shoya, we talked about the importance of getting Step III into the hands of those who can use it. The result of those discussions was that CAPT is having a certification program for Step III in New York City on October 9th and 10th., 2013. It was very satisfying to be a part of that process. To learn more about Step III and CAPT's certification program please go to New York City MBTIŽ Step III™ Certification. This is a two-day program and the cost is $795.00. Currently there are only a few hundred Certified MBTIŽ Step III™ practitioners so this is a wonderful opportunity to be on the cutting edge!

As a further indication of her support of Step III, Katharine is funding a grant program called the "5 for 5 Program".  She will refund $500 toward the cost of certification tuition in exchange for using the assessment with 5 clients within 5 months of the program and obtaining 5 client evaluations of the assessment for the Step III data bank. This is the same grant as the one being offered at the certification program that is being conducted in conjunction with the APTi conference on July 9th and 10th. To find out more about the 5 for 5 grant you can go to Katharine Myers 5 for 5 grant for Step III

There is a wealth of information on Katharine's website. To read more from Katharine, you can visit her blog at MBTIŽ Type Today.

Spotlight on Membershi
Mal Vance

This July is the time when our chapter Board gets together to prepare for the new year.  We're excited about the upcoming season and hope you will take advantage of the benefits of joining our chapter.
Your participation in the APT New York Metro chapter is a unique opportunity to hear presentations from MBTIŽ practitioners, content developers and researchers, and to learn new ways to more effectively apply MBTIŽ.  In addition to opportunities for professional growth and networking, chapter membership provides multiple benefits including:

  • Discounted admission to chapter events
  • Free access to members-only webinars  
  • Access to cutting-edge programs and information related to Type 
  • Opportunity to write an article for our newsletter, distributed to almost 400 folks in a tri-state area
  • Great conversation with smart, fun, creative people

The entire board looks forward to meeting you at an upcoming APT New York Metro event!


Mal Vance

Mal Vance provides sales support for a New York City based financial planner. His career has been primarily in the insurance and investment sales arena. He was introduced to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator through Do What You Are and has participated in APTNYC since the mid 2000's. Contact Mal at