November 4, 2013

There's a moment of magic when you balance and pedal a bicycle for the first time. There's a surge of pride when you confidently take the lane in traffic as a new bike commuter. Those moments, and the countless pleasures that come after, are the result of the tireless energy, enthusiasm and innovative of local bike educators. We want to honor League Cycling Instructors who are spreading the joy and knowledge of safe and confident bicycling in your community -- so nominate a leader for our Educator of the Year award. And, if you're a League member, we need your help determining the future of the organization by voting in our Board of Directors election. 


Andy Clarke
League President
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educator of the year award: send in your nominations!

Bike educators do the work on the ground to get more people on bikes -- and riding safely and confidently -- every day in communities across the country.

To honor and thank those educators who have gone above and beyond in the past year, we're putting out a call for nominations for the 2013 Educator of the Year Award. Read more here about how to nominate an educator here.  (Photo by Jim Scher)


cast your vote: league board of directors election

The League's Board of Directors is made up of both board-appointed and member-elected seats -- and currently, there are five open seats and nine candidates for those member-elected spots. We need YOUR votes to determine who will join the board for the next three years. If you are a League member as of Nov. 1, 2013, you will receive an email tomorrow, Nov. 5, that includes a link to a secure site through which you may cast your vote. If you believe you did not receive an email in error, or have further questions, please contact scott@bikeleague.orgYou can read more about the board candidates and voting procedure here.

equity advisory council charts course for coming year
The League's Equity Advisory Council held its second strategy retreat in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, D.C., this weekend. In getting to know the successes and challenges we each face in our different settings, we made plans for the next year of the Council's work. We had many discussions about what equity means in the bike movement and how we can empower current and future advocates to be allies and leaders in this work. Later this week we'll be sharing ideas with the public -- stay tuned!
special summit discount for first 100

We're gearing up for the 2014 National Bike Summit, and if you're one of the first 100 registrants, you'll receive $50 off! The annual event will be held March 3-5, 2014, in Washington, D.C. This year's Summit will unite advocates, clubs riders, industry leaders and elected officials to begin the push for the next transportation bill. Our theme, "United Spokes: Moving Beyond Gridlock," showcases the momentum for bicycling at the local and state level and our collective impact in the halls of Congress when we unite our voices for a Bicycle Friendly America.  Register today!

league hires adonia lugo to serve as equity initiative manager
The League recently hired Adonia Lugo to serve as our Equity Initiative Manager. You may already know Lugo: She's the co-founder of innovative programs like LA's City of Lights campaign reaching out to immigrant, day-laborer cyclists and the Bicicultures research network. Lugo has for years been a leading voice in the burgeoning discussion about bicycle and transportation equity. Learn more about Lugo's background here, and read her take on bicycling as part of equitable urbanism here 
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Do you love shopping on Do you love the League? If you answered "yes" to one or both of these questions, AmazonSmile is for you. A newly launched initiative, AmazonSmile will donate .5% of all eligible purchases to a charity of your choice. Visit and search for our official IRS name -- The League of American Wheelmen. We appreciate your support!
Chamber of Commerce Endorsements for Biking & Walking: Lessons from Missouri
Chambers of Commerce hold immense influential power on the local, regional, state and federal levels -- and that can be used in the continued work of bike advocates. Advocacy Advance, the partnership of the League and Alliance for Biking & Walking, recently heard a success story out of Missouri, where the state Chamber of Commerce put forth strong support for biking and walking in its 2014 transportation platform. Read more about this powerful endorsement, and learn how you can work with your Chamber to do the same in your community here.
houston becoming bicycle friendly
It's true that the on-street network in Houston, Texas, isn't nearly as extensive as growing systems in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles -- but the commitment to change that is clear: can your community match the $166 million bond issue ($100 million just for the 150-mile Bayou Greenway project), $15 million TIGER grant and $30 million in additional grant funding that's dedicated to trail and park projects? That's why the City is being recognized with a bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community award by the League. Read more.
tune in: federal policy update
Tune in to hear the latest on federal transportation policy from Caron Whitaker, the League's Vice President of Government Relations. This webinar -- held Tuesday, Nov. 12, at 1 p.m. EST -- is jointly presented by the League of American Bicyclists, the Alliance for Biking & Walking, and the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals. Register here today!
webinar: tools for transportation transparency
For biking and walking policy advocates, tracking transportation issues at the state level isn't always a piece of cake. The Sunlight Foundation has created powerful tracking tools to simplify the task of bird-dogging state legislation. The Sunlight Foundation is teaming up with Advocacy Advance to host a training on how to use these tools in your work. Join us Tuesday, Nov. 19, at at 2 p.m. EST. Register for this webinar here.
realtor association: americans want mixed-use, walkable, bikeable communities
According to the National Association of Realtors2013 Community Preference Survey, 60 percent of respondents favor a neighborhood with a mix of houses, stores, and other businesses that are within walking distance, rather than neighborhoods requiring driving between home, work and recreation. The survey indicates that while the size of a home or yard does matter, most Americans are willing to compromise size for a preferred neighborhood and less commuting. Read the full report here.
 partner news
register for 2013 national Bicycle tourism conference!

The Bicycle Tourism Network is hosting its 2013 conference Nov. 6-9 in Iowa City/Coralville, Iowa. The conference includes a diversity of workshops and topics and will also boast a number of high profile speakers, special guests and industry celebrities. Register now!

webinar: transportation equity

This webinar, hosted by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, will cover ways to improve transportation equity and reduce disparities in access to pedestrian and bicycle facilities and programs. Speakers include Keith Holt, a bicycling advocate with United Cycling Voices and League Equity Advisory Council Member. Join Dec. 2 at 2 p.m. EST -- register here.

state summit spotlight: california by bike
The California by Bike Summit will be held November 7-11 in Oakland, Calif. Hear from speakers like Trek President, John Burke; Women Bike Director, Carolyn Szczepanski; and Brian Drayton, founder of Spokes National (and member of the League's Equity Advisory Council) at this diverse and dynamic event aimed at uniting riders in the Golden State to triple cycling by 2020. Register here
Upcoming State and local bike Summits
Looking to connect with local advocates and make an impact in your community? Don't miss a state or local bike summit in your area.

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