March 2016
The Electronic Materials Report
Neon Market Update
NOW Available for Download: Neon Market Update
In mid-2015, we wrote about how Neon was short and the impact on the semiconductor industry. We concluded our article by stating:

We anticipate one to two years of difficult supply in the neon market. Contract pricing, recycling, and reductions in consumption will ease the situation, but purchasers will need to plan carefully to ensure reliable supplies in the short term.

Since that point, much has changed in the industry overall and also with regards to the Neon supply and demand situation. While others are predicting further shortages, critical decisions in the industry still need to be made based on facts. We wanted to provide our latest perspectives so that the industry can make informed and rational decisions regarding laser gas mixtures going forward. 

New Reports: CSP, Advanced Thin Films, Process Chemical Service
Advanced Cleaning & Surface Preparation: Technologies and Markets, 2014-2019
Linx Consulting also just finished the 6th edition of Advanced Cleaning & Surface PreparationThis report covers leading applications for wet chemicals utilized in the global semiconductor industry including formulated cleans, solvent strips and critical SPM cleaning steps. It also provides analyses of leading suppliers and supplier shares of wet process chemicals and forecasts industry growth to 2019.

To attend the SPCC, the world's leading conference on semiconductor cleans, please visit 

Global Process Chemical Service
The Global Process Chemical Service provides market growth of each segment (5 year CAGR % on a volume and value basis) and an independent view of the market dynamics, including in-depth analysis on various supply and demand factors. This service will allow participants to understand their position in the global gases market, measure progress, and better plan their strategy and tactical initiatives.

Advanced Thin Film Processes & Materials for FEOL & Interconnect Applications, 2015 - 2019
The semiconductor industry has relied on CVD and PVD technologies to meet much of the requirements in thin film depositions. Along with these process technologies, many standard materials, such as SiO2, Al and Ti, have been relied on to meet a majority of the industry's needs. However, now the industry is facing significant change-starting with the conversion to FinFETS and VNAND, as well as high mobility channels, spacers, novel gates, and high-κ gate dielectrics, all growing rapidly.

Mike Corbett & Mark Thirsk
Linx Consulting
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